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If you are a content creator and bring up the details about an event or product, then you are at the right place. Pshav.com is ready to help you to publish your thoughts and reach out to a potential audience. You can write to us to express your views and earn some money at the same time. You can contact us through the website meta entries to submit your query and wish to join our team.

About pshav.com

We are a free web content posting platform with more than a million views every day. People trust our site to get authentic news and tips regarding technology and fashion. You can post your topic here to post. It will help you to enrich your command over the language, subjects, and writing styles. You can write on anything and everything you find interesting and think people should know about the matter to get a clear view. We welcome you to join our virtual family and contribute to the family for others’ welfare. Looking forward to your contents, we are always here to help you with information and essential guidelines that you need to follow. These guidelines are not only barriers, as some think. These guidelines will help you write SEO friendly and readable content that can reach many people and increase your ranking on google. Now, before you start the job, let us introduce you to some of the initial rules and ways to become a fun job for you.

Guest posting opportunity

Pshav.com allows guest posting for the new writers and people working as part-time writer in the industry. You do not have to commit to the timeline or deadlines any more. Besides, you can write about any topic you want. Following the websites, the primary niche is not for the guest posts. You can easily find the keywords in the google keyword search protocol and write great content based on the keywords. Once you complete the post, all you need to do is submit the article on our dedicated link. We will review the content with some of the best resources so that there are no lack ins when it goes online. It will ensure you most of the views and feedback on your article. The procedure is familiar as guest posting. Here you do not work as a paid member but, we treat you like a family member. You and your content are always welcome in our community.

Sponsored content opportunity

If you like to earn some money by writing articles, then you are welcome to pshav.com. We are here to sponsor your account and posts to achieve more and make a milestone in the industry. You need to contact us in the meta section with the essential data and some samples to clear up the terms and start a partnership together. Soon after you get the sponsorship on your account, you will be able to backlink affiliate products and earn more money through your write-ups. Here two primary setups work. The first one is where you make money only through writing articles. It is a one-time income process. Here you write the articles for us. And once you submit the pieces, you need to let go of the copyright for once and all. After you submit the report with copyright claims, we can post the articles on our guest post websites to get views and income related to it. There will be no claim of your payment here.

Claim copyright

The second option is more viable for the writers. You can join our team and write articles. Here you can link up with several affiliate companies. And you can use keywords according to the google ranking to bring more potential audience and buyers to our site. Here we are ready to offer you the percentage of the benefits. You are welcome in both ways to write for us and start your career. You might be wondering the reason why we are offering the opportunity to you for free. The first intention is obviously to help the youth get a new view and improve their thoughts. Another important reason is to gather traffic. The more topics you cover with correct keywords increase the chances of getting more viewers to our website. We are trying to build a voice, and it will help us a lot with the support. Besides, google ranking and traffic data helps us to get approval for AdSense. We can use the money to support more people who need a guideline.

Things to remember before submitting

Before you join our beautiful expanding family, it will be nice to get to know you in person. You can contact us via mail or the meta section. We will send a detailed form with categories of information that we need to know, and once you fill it, send the form to us back. It will be necessary for us to approve your access to our website. Two-step verification is an effective way to maintain the trust between two parties.

How to submit articles?

We do not like to direct writers about their writings. We believe writing is a creative job and everyone has their style. You can bring the topics to us as you like. Here is a small guideline for us to avoid any legal claims regarding the issues and ensure safety and growth for both of us.

Unique article

Unique articles do not always have to be on topics that no one covered before. You can write on issues that are familiar and well-known. But, it would be best if you write plagiarism free articles. Plagiarism means copying someone else’s concept or write-ups line by line. Here you can use your imagination to write the topic. Nowadays, there are several online plagiarism checkers available that will help you to know if there are any matches with your article or not. All of these are online services, and you can avail of them for free most of the times. Most famous checkers like Grammarly or Turnitin take some payment. But, it is highly feasible. Please check the authenticity once before submitting the article. Otherwise, we will have to decline the report, which we do not want.

Grammatically error-free

Grammatical error is the first turn-off for any reader. Any typo, sentence error, or misguiding information will be a negative marking for your article. You need to check the piece before you submit it for publishing to us.


Adding a backlink will help your readers to reach and explore more topics related to your content. It will be easier for both of us to get more views on the website or the topic. You can also backlink websites from affiliate business trades. It will help you to earn more money.

Internal link

Internal links act more or less like the backlinks. You can derive your readers to different contents of yours through the links.

Word count

Google has a policy of ranking articles between three hundred to two thousand words. If you follow the tips, then it will be easier to organise your papers.

Once you feel the things are worth a try, we will be waiting to work with you.

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