Why You’ll Love Relocating to the South

There is a lot of false stigma about southern living, largely stemming from misconceptions about politics. The reality is that the American south is a vast and diverse region that has an enormous amount to offer when it comes to quality and variety of life. Have you been thinking of moving down south? Here are a few reasons why you’ll love living there. 

1. Great Food

One thing you won’t miss out on when it comes to living in the South is the delicious food. Whether you’re moving to Tennessee or Texas, Louisiana or South Carolina, or anywhere in between, you’re going to find delicious and different cuisines that will blow your mind and make you wonder why you’d been missing out for all of these years. One particular destination of note when it comes to food is New Orleans, which is famous for its Creole dining offerings. 

2. Beautiful Weather

Ok, so there is the trade off of Hurricane Season, but looking at the bigger picture, the Southern states have consistently gorgeous, clear, and warm weather that make them very attractive to warm weather lovers looking for a new place to live.

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3. Historic Architecture

The South comes with a lot of history, and not all of it is pretty or kind. Having said that, one highlight of living in a southern state is the chance to see the historic architecture that still stands, thanks to historical preservation efforts. 

4. Great Education

The southern states are home to respectable secondary education institutions including Duke University in North Carolina, Washington and Lee University in Virginia, Rice University in Texas, and Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. While most of the Ivy League schools are nestled in the northeast, it’s great to know that you won’t be sacrificing a great education for yourself or your kids if you relocate to a southern state. 

5. Entertainment

Whether it’s visiting Graceland in Tennessee, which is likely to have you looking at Memphis Houses for Sale, or strolling down the French Quarter in New Orleans, you will never be at a loss for activities and entertainment that will set your heart on fire. While the greatest offerings the south have are often music-related, there are also other opportunities to explore culture and activities including museums, galleries, parks, and so much more. 

6. Job Opportunities

States in the south have experienced economic expansion in recent years due to the influx of business from companies that have relocated from larger northern cities amid the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. This means that there are plenty of jobs in numerous and growing industries.

Moving to another state, especially when it’s outside of a region that you are familiar with, is a huge leap. Whether you’re relocating by yourself, or taking along a family with children, finding the right place for you takes some research and inevitably, a leap of faith. Have no fear if you are thinking about a southern lifestyle. You’ll love living in the south, due to everything mentioned above, and more. 

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