Why should you hire a public adjuster?


A homeowner insures his property to ensure its safety against the onslaught of natural calamities or accidents. The insurance coverage can compensate for the loss and help the owner deal with the damage and invest in repairing the damage. However, sometimes acquiring the compensation becomes difficult for the property owner. Thus, it is advisable to contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants, a public adjuster in Miramar to make the process easy. A public adjuster is a person who performs the role of a mediator between the property owner and the insurance company. In Lauderdale, the properties usually suffer from natural calamities, which makes the role of a public adjuster to negotiate the claim on behalf of the client more significant, said John O. from twiftnews.

Reasons for Hiring a Public Adjuster

Several factors may threaten the property and damage it, like storms, floods, leakage, plumbing problems, house fire or other accidents, etc. Such damage leads to a substantial financial loss for the property owner. It is thus essential to have a backup plan for financial support. Instead of handling the negotiation process all by yourself, it is better to seek the guidance of the professionals. The public adjusters are licensed individuals who act on behalf of the client or property owners to plead their case before the insurance company receives the best compensation deal.

The public adjuster first surveys the condition of the damaged property and records the details, and suggests measures for handling the situation. After that, the public adjuster places the claim before the insurance company and provides proof of the damage. Often the property owners of Lauderdale have faced the problem of being denied by the insurance companies, or they were offered an amount much less than the promised coverage. In such complicated situations, people need the expertise of a professional public adjuster to ensure their benefit. Thus, it becomes necessary to hire a public adjuster in Fort Miramar.

The public adjuster also has to deal tactfully with the insurance company in the negotiation process. Insurance companies, like other companies, are profit-driven and money-oriented. They try to save their expenses by using various tactics. Sometimes, instead of denying the claim, they try to convince the property owner that the damage is minor and thus does not require the insurance claim. They create an impression as if minor repairs would suffice. Again, they use another tactic: they purposely overlook the most severe damage to the property to cut down expenses. Ordinary people become gullible and agree to them and, in the long run, suffer tremendous financial losses and face recurring expenses in the future. For handling such situations, you need to hire a public adjuster in Miramar to strike the best deal for you.

Things to keep in Mind for Hiring a Public Adjuster

Before hiring a Public Adjuster, the property owner must keep in mind certain things:

  • The owner must have accurate records and documents related to the property for claiming compensation. He needs to declare the property details accurately. If, after a survey, the insurance company finds any discrepancy, they might reduce the insurance coverage amount.
  • The property owner must keep in mind the time frame factor; that is, he must immediately apply for compensation after the damage of his property. For instance, right after a natural calami or an accident, he must report the damage. In case of any delay, there are chances that the company might dismiss the claims stating the case to be obsolete. Thus, the owner needs to take action fast to evade complications.
  • Most importantly, the property owner must get in touch with the public adjuster as soon as possible to not delay the process. At the same time, any decision related to claiming compensation must be taken after considering the pros and cons of the situation.


Thus, it may be said that attaining the compensation amount from the insurance company is a challenging task. It requires objective evidence, full-proof case arguments, and the expert guidance of the public adjuster to plead the case on the client’s behalf and guarantee a favorable result. The best decision is to hire a public adjuster at the early stages to shoulder all responsibilities with precision and reduce any chances of things going against the property owner.


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