Why is Trademark Registration Essential?

A trademark is a term, name or symbol to identify a seller’s goods and separate it from others’ offering. A brand is part of the brand of a firm. It is the incarnation of the reputation of the firm. 

Over time, substantial goodwill can accrue in a trademark. When a seller uses a trademark, trade mark rights instantly emerge (i.e., in connection with the sale of goods or services). 

These automatic rights, subject to certain conditions, provide the proprietor of the mark the right to prevent others from adopting the mark or using it in the geographical region of the proprietor. 

Nationwide Recognition 

The associated national priority is perhaps the most important advantage of registering a trademark. 

The owner of an unregistered trademark may prevent others from using the mark in its restricted geographical region, but the owner of the Trademark registration UAE can prevent the other countries from using the trademark throughout the whole of the UAE. 

This is particularly essential in the internet era, since web traffic might meet different firms with identical names.

This advantage is also crucial for a future-oriented firm. Exclusive brand rights throughout the country are far more important than exclusive rights confined to a certain geographical area. 

Reasons why do you need Trademark Registration 

  • Marking provides startups with brand security. By designating a name, one distinguishes his services and products by becoming their intellectual property, in terms of their rivals. This stops competitors from duplicating or robbing their brand. 
  • When they have a trademark, it is vital for beginners to maintain a favourable reputation. If a company has a good reputation, people tend to work with and for it. This is particularly true in the context of an expansion. In order for the firm to develop, additional workers are necessary. This leads to the requirement for a budget, which makes the trademark an important asset when a business loan is approved. 
  • Without registering a trademark, firms who register under the same name, sign, slogan or design have a company vulnerable to litigation. Where this happens, a company is obliged to cope with changing everything that has been created, including campaigns, online material and, in large part, its brand identity. 
  • A trademark is permanent and requires regular renewals only. Take the above-mentioned glamour firms like Pampers and Jacuzzi, who have been power houses for decades and will continue to grow in their respective fields over the coming decades. This makes it very important that the regulatory authority does not refuse a start-up application to perform extensive trademark investigation. It is therefore advisable to make use of the services of a reputable provider of intellectual property services. 
  • As a new firm evolves, it may be a driver for increased value if the startup continues to grow. Therefore, it is vital to utilise a trade mark to promote brand awareness and to attract more consumers using marketing techniques. Once a start-up is reputed for its product or service, its trademark is associated with how the company operates.


Though the process of business setup Dubai is easy but trademark registration is something they don’t compromise on. What is known as invisible assets is a diverse corporate portfolio, which includes trademarks and other intellectual property registered. And analysts say that this intangible asset gives a large percentage of the worth of a firm.


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