Why is Prescription Medication Access Important?

Medicines are compounds that healthcare professionals use to cure or prevent diseases, ease symptoms, or help diagnose an illness. There are different types of medications; you can get some over the counter, others require a doctor’s prescription, and others are available only in hospitals. While you can easily find some medications, access to prescription drugs can be challenging. Fortunately, Fullerton prescription dispensation gives you fast and convenient medication access, helping you live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

What is prescription medication access?

Regarding prescription and healthcare in general, the term access refers to the need to ensure patients of all demographics get the most appropriate medical care for their medical conditions. That means the chance to find the medications prescribed by their doctors and access to specialists, procedures, and maintenance needed to improve the quality of their lives. Factors influencing the best medical care for a patient include current diagnosis, age, sex, medical history, lifestyle, and reactions to medications.

But many other factors still determine the best course of treatment for a patient. They include their location, doctors, healthcare plan, and medications on their insurance coverage’s drug overcome hurdles due to complex insurance policies.

What happens when there is limited access to medication?

Besides primary health concerns, limited access to prescription medications causes patients to suffer financially and emotionally. It may also result in serious health concerns. For example, because of reduced access to prescription medications, a patient may opt for another drug that may be less effective than the one their doctor prescribed. Consequently, their conditions may worsen, affecting their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Why do some patients not take medications as prescribed?

While access to medication is vital, taking the medicines as your doctor prescribes is crucial. There are various reasons why many patients do not adhere to healthcare provider instructions on how to take medications. They include forgetfulness, not understanding the directions, unpleasant side effects, multiple drugs, or the medication’s not working. Sometimes cost also affects patients’ adherence to instructions. For example, if a patient can’t afford to fill their prescription, they can take less than the prescribed dose so that the medicine lasts longer. However, it is best to take medications as your doctor instructs so that you get the best results.

Basic rules when taking medicines

Regardless of the type of medicine your healthcare provider prescribes, it is essential to be safe and follow basic rules such as:

  • Double-check to ensure you have the right medicine. If you refill your prescription, check that it is the same color, shape, and size as the last one. If not, ask the pharmacist about it.
  • Tell your doctor right away if your symptoms worse after taking a medicine
  • Follow the instructions to the latter. If you are to take one tablet four times a day, don’t take two tablets twice a day; it’s not the same.
  • Ask your doctor if the medicines can affect everyday tasks such as concentrating in school or driving.

Consult your doctor to know how you can benefit from Upper Echelon Medical’s prescription dispensation service.


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