Why Do Injuries Happen At Work? Top 5 Common Reasons For Work-Related Injuries

Numerous individuals take a safe workplace for granted, assuming that mishaps in their line of work are extremely rare. Nevertheless, carelessness when performing routine duties may cause even locations with less evident hazards to pose threats to workers, regardless of their positions. Besides, accidents can occur anywhere, with more severe accidents having long-lasting physical and mental effects on the victims, as well as major financial consequences for the organization itself. In light of this, Dr. Jordan Ziegler and her expert staff outline some of the most common causes of Spring Valley work-related injuries in this post. Read on to learn more.

1. Overexertion and Fatigue

Most forms of physical activity will get tiresome if performed for an extended amount of time. Accidents involving physical exertion, including lifting, pushing, bending, and pulling, are extremely prevalent, especially if personnel do not take frequent breaks.

Nonetheless, even occupations that do not demand the lifting of heavy objects could present a hazard. If correct lifting skills are not practiced, frequently carrying lighter weights, like boxes and files, might harm one’s health.

2. Falls, Slips, and Trips

As per the Health and Safety Executive, slips, trips, and falls on a level ground kill about two employees annually. This number climbs significantly when falls from height and other associated accidents are considered. Nonetheless, falls, slips, and trips are amongst the most preventable occupational mishaps.

Oftentimes, careless personnel leave drawers open or neglect to utilize the correct equipment when reaching for goods, putting lives in danger. Moreover, loose electrical wires and cords in the workplace can potentially represent a considerable risk. For this reason, when strolling about the office, all personnel must be mindful of any spills, slick surfaces, or wet flooring and take necessary steps to avoid them.

3. Distractions

While not many might realize this, distractions can be a common reason for workplace injuries. When a person performs the same work for an extended period, boredom might impair their judgment. Accidents frequently occur when personnel are distracted, such as colliding with objects while using a cell phone or stumbling over trash. Taking frequent breaks and appreciating a change of environment during the day guarantees that workers may return to their duties rejuvenated and fully focused.

4. Chaotic Workplace Conditions

Unlike organizations that do not frequently receive visitors, client-facing enterprises tend to maintain a cleaner environment. Housekeeping is typically a good indicator of an organization’s commitment to quality and safety; therefore, all businesses must maintain clean workplaces. Inadequate housekeeping could trigger numerous dangers that could result in accidents. Furthermore, a well-kept workplace serves as an example and encourages a healthy working environment for everybody.

5. Using Shortcuts

It can be alluring to take shortcuts to perform tasks quickly. Unfortunately, these shortcuts could result in various dangers that compromise safety and, thus, raise the likelihood of injury. Therefore, management should consistently implement suitable procedures for all activities to guarantee that all workers are aware of the dangers of taking shortcuts.

Have you suffered a work-related injury? Whether struggling with a fracture, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, pinched nerve, or another form of injury while on duty, Dr. Jordan Ziegler and her team can help. After a comprehensive diagnosis of your concerns, your doctor will suggest the most appropriate therapy, including massage therapy or chiropractic care. Call the Spring Valley, CA office or request an appointment online to learn more.


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