Why Are Vocational Training Programs One Of The Best Courses In Australia In 2021?

Numerous courses are available in the Vocational Education and Training sector of Australia. You can gain the necessary qualifications through this system to build an exciting career for yourself. However, vocational training emerges as the best training program in 2021. To know the reasons, take a quick look at the article!

What is Vocational Education and Training?

Vocational Education and Training, or VET, is a sector where you can learn various skills for work. Vocational training courses will help you get a job within a short time, improve your skills in your desired field, and take a different career path.

Who offers vocational training courses?

Training courses are available in Registered Training Organisations or RTOs in Australia. RTOs include private colleges and TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institutes. You can even find vocational courses in universities also. You will get top-quality training, study courses designed according to the industry standards, and get a nationally recognised qualification certificate.
Colleges in Perth that offer courses for international students should also register with the CRICOS. CRICOS allows the authority to monitor the method used in teaching to make sure that it is of superior quality.

What are the qualifications included in the VET?

You can achieve the following qualifications in the VET sector.

1. Certificate I to Certificate IV

In these courses, you will learn basic technical skills. The course length varies from six months to 24 months. Industry-specific knowledge is taught here, and you can learn a variety of professional skills like communication, numeracy, literacy, and teamwork.

2. Diploma

You have to study full-time for one to two years, where you will learn industry-specific and paraprofessional skills.

3. Advanced Diploma

After doing a Diploma course, you can go for an Advanced Diploma where you will get practical hands-on training for paraprofessional responsibilities in fields like building design, engineering, and accounting. The course duration may vary from one and a half to two years.

4. Vocational Graduate Certificate/Diploma

You can learn particular employment-related knowledge and skills. For a Graduate Certificate course, you will need to study full-time for six months to one year, while for the Graduate Diploma, you will need to learn for one to two years.

5. English language courses

Training colleges also provide English language courses. The duration may be from four to 48 weeks.

How are VET courses different from higher education courses?

Typically, vocational courses primarily focus on offering work-oriented and practical professional skills. On the other hand, universities that provide higher education courses for Australian and international students mainly provide theory-based knowledge and guidance to a professional path for the career.

What do the courses generally cover?

Vocational courses are taught in some of the best colleges in Australia. These courses cover a wide range of skills, which are as follows.

1. Basic life skills

First of all, you can get numeracy and literacy training like introductory studies and pre-vocational training.

2. Basic vocational skills

These skills are mainly offered for specific occupations like automotive and floristry.

3. Semi-professional vocational training

You can learn skills needed in business advertising and occupational safety.

4. Study areas with a practical focus

Trainers teach various study areas like music, viticulture, and hospitality.

How can VET courses help you to do higher studies?

VET courses like Diploma and Advanced Diploma can help you get admitted to a higher education course like a Bachelor degree.

Most of these courses are nationally recognised, and they are regularly updated with consultation from relevant industry sectors. So whenever you study them, you will get the same curriculum and take your credits to a similar program in another organisation.

Studying a VET course can also help you in getting some credits required by some higher education courses. For example, if you get a Diploma, you can receive a credit of two to three semesters for a relevant Bachelor degree. Of course, how much credit you will get will depend on several factors like the degree, the institution, and the completed VET qualification.

What are the entry requirements for VET courses?

To study a training course in one of the best colleges in Perth, you have to meet the following requirements.

  1. You should have completed a level study equivalent to years 10, 11, or 12 in Australia.
  2. Some vocational courses may require knowledge of specific subjects or work experience. If you apply to an art or design course, you may have to submit a portfolio.
  3. English language requirement is another specification that you may have to meet.

We recommend checking with the institute if it needs any additional requirements.

What is the cost of a VET course?

If you want to study in a Perth college, the course fee may be AUD 4000 to AUD 22000 yearly. The higher the study level, the higher will be its fees.


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