Why are paintings important in history?

The importance of paintings in history or in other words, the role of art history can not be overlooked. They play a major role in understanding ancient historical events, cultures, and many other similar things. This article will give a comprehensive and precise answer to the question that what is the significance of artworks such as paintings in the mapping of history.

There is no doubt that the paintings play a pivotal role in a better understanding of the different historical civilizations, cultures, and their mutual connection or relationship. It is just because a person may not be aware of the ancient languages or writing expressions, but the paintings, pictures, and artwork make this task easier to a large extent.

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The dependable solution to uncertainty:

The most considerable aspect of the paintings or art which you need to know is that they help you overcome various problems while you are studying history. Uncertainty is one of the problems that can be easily resolved with the help of paintings.

For instance, reading history no matter how deeply you study, can not be as efficient as a painting or picture can be in clearing ambiguities in your mind. A painting on the other hand, gives you a piece of deep knowledge about how were the practices and conditions in the past ages. It helps in making your mind clear about the facts by removing uncertainty.


If we look back into history, we will find that many times the paintings and pictures proved to be a worth relying solution to many problems. For instance if we take the example of mid of nineteenth-century era, Prince Albert was about to host a great exhibition of that time. The sole purpose of this exhibition was to examine and share with public the works of modern industries of that time.

Making a huge shelter to gather the people from different regions of the world was nearly an impossible task. But the problem was solved effectively by an architect of that time who came up with a drawing or picture of a building that could easily solve the issue. There are many other examples as well where paintings and artwork helped remarkably in problem-solving.

Boost the imagination:

It is the power of imagination that can help a man do even the impossible tasks. Without imagination, one may not be able to dream bigger or have bigger plans. So, it is necessary to boost imagination. And the making of paintings is one the most effective ways of boosting your imagination.

There is an example from history that an artist made a view of heaven. Although he would never have been there but he depicted his art to imagine what how heaven could look like. So, we can say that one of the most important role of paintings in history is to boost the imagination and thinking power of a person.

Understanding the cultural diversity:

As mentioned in the beginning, one of the most important roles paintings plays in regard to history is to give you a clear image of the cultural diversity and even the making you understand the differences, similarities, and connections of these cultures with each other.

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Pictures and paintings explain feelings in a way that words can not. And this aspect makes the paintings a more reliable option.


No matter we are studying the relation of different cultures or civilizations of history with each other, or we are trying to understand simply the historical events, the paintings and pictures can help us greatly.

The factors mentioned above can help you understand well what is art history or simply speaking what is the role of paintings in history. In the light of the above-given discussion, you can also have an idea that how does history affect art.


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