Who Is Responsible If The Car Accident Is Caused Due To Weather Conditions?

Car accidents have become a common occurrence in the past couple of decades. It could be challenging to deal with a car accident. Although, a driver must take a set of precautions while driving to ensure they are safe and nowhere near an accident. Spear Greenfield can legally represent you if you face problems in proving liability. 

There could be many reasons behind a car accident. However, most car accidents are caused due to the driver’s negligence and failed attempts to ensure other drivers’ safety. While you might be aware of some of the common causes behind a car accident, you would likely know how liability is determined if weather conditions caused the accident. 

Hang onto this article while we uncover each aspect of the responsibility of a car accident in abnormal weather conditions. 

What would be considered a weather-related accident?

Before the responsibility factor, you must know what a weather-related accident constitutes. A weather-related accident can likely occur in bad or abnormal weather conditions like in winter. When the bad weather produces hazardous conditions that may only result in an accident, it would be considered a weather-related accident. 

Abnormal weather conditions cause slippery roads filled with ice or snow, poor visibility due to fog, flooded roads with increased potholes, etc. The driver can claim damages of the accident caused by weather conditions from the insurance company if their policy covers the damages. 

Who should be held liable in such cases?

While we may agree that the weather is to blame for the accident, it would not be enough. The dangerous weather conditions might be the leading cause of the accident. But, the driver might be held liable. 

It is because many laws and regulations state that a driver must drive carefully in all weather conditions. If the driver loses control of their vehicle, they will be liable for the accident. 

How is liability determined?

Now that you know the causes and potential liabilities of a weather-related accident, it would help more if you knew how liability would be determined in such an accident case. The driver’s negligence while driving is critical in determining liability in such accidents. 

The driver can put up an argument stating they were not negligent while driving. Although, many elements or a piece of evidence may not support the driver’s defense. If negligence is determined, the liability of the accident will likely be assigned to the driver. The driver can contact a lawyer to ensure the situation is not one-sided. 


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