Who Is More Likely To Develop Arthritis? -5 Common Risk Factors

Millions of people in the U.S. live with arthritis. This inflammatory disease induces discomfort and can restrict mobility. Besides, there are numerous different types of arthritis, each with a different set of causes and risk factors. The most prevalent types include rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and osteoarthritis. While many people think about arthritis, older adults probably come into the picture, and it is accurate, age is a significant risk factor for acquiring arthritis. Nonetheless, several other factors place you at risk for Leawood arthritis, some of which are controllable. Read on to learn about the common risk factors, and what you could do to protect yourself.

1. Obesity

Bearing extra weight puts strain on the body, including the joints. Therefore, it is unsurprising that being obese or overweight heightens the danger of acquiring arthritis. Besides, if you got arthritis, obesity could worsen it. The great news is that weight is a manageable risk factor, and even shedding several pounds could relieve the stress on the joints and reduce the likelihood of acquiring arthritis net worth.

2. High-Impact Sports

Engaging in high-impact sporting activities can heighten your likelihood of acquiring arthritis. For instance, the repeated movement of pitching can heighten the deterioration of your shoulder joint if you play baseball. Moreover, sports that entail impact, like football, can damage joints or bones, and marathon runners can heighten the wear and tear on their knees.

However, you should note that modest exercising alleviates the likelihood of arthritis. Therefore, if you partake in high-impact sports, talk to your physician about how to safeguard yourself.

3. Older Age

Age is a significant risk factor for arthritis, and though you cannot control aging, you can help your joints age gracefully. As you grow older, cartilage deteriorates, and joints suffer degenerative changes.

Sticking to a healthy diet plan, exercising, and controlling your weight are all ways to keep your joints healthy. It is particularly crucial to receive adequate calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients work together to keep the joints and bones healthy. 

4. Decaffeinated Coffee

Although some risk factors for arthritis are widely-known, others might come as a surprise. For instance, decaffeinated coffee is associated with a heightened likelihood of acquiring rheumatoid arthritis. This sort of arthritis develops once your immune system erroneously attacks your joints, often in the feet and hands, inducing inflammation. Therefore, it is important to avoid decaffeinated coffee, especially if you have other risk factors.

5. Specific Occupations

Is your occupation placing you in danger of arthritis? Some jobs are more taxing on the joints than others. Occupations requiring heavy lifting, such as construction workers, increase your likelihood of developing arthritis.

Nevertheless, working in an occupation that stresses your joints does not ultimately imply that you will acquire arthritis. Utilizing appropriate lifting techniques and safety gear could help ease the stress on the joints.

The development of arthritis is a complicated and interconnected process involving numerous variables. Although you cannot manage all risk factors, there are measures you can take to avoid or slow the progression of arthritis if you already have a positive diagnosis. These suggestions include avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and more. The more committed you are to these recommendations, the more probable it is that modest therapies, if necessary, will continue to be effective for as long as feasible. For more specialist advice on how to manage your arthritis, talk to your doctor.


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