Who Is A Good Candidate For Dental Veneers?

Improving the aesthetic of your teeth will not enhance your physical health but will boost your emotional and mental well-being. An enhanced grin may instantaneously build your self-esteem, boost confidence, and make you feel proud of your entire look. Sadly, numerous people put off correcting their smiles due to financial concerns. Fortunately, there could be a cosmetic dentistry care solution that can help you quickly and easily enhance your smile on a budget at Sunshine Dental, Inc. Nevertheless, Temecula veneers might not be an alternative for everybody. Read on to learn more about veneers that qualify one as a fine fit.

What Exactly Are Veneers?

Veneers are built of porcelain and are custom-crafted to fit your teeth. Phillip Chien, DDS of Sunshine Dental, Inc, meticulously fixes the veneers onto the tooth’s surface. Once in position, they can efficiently conceal serious chips, cracks, and stains.

Veneers are also an ideal alternative for altering the structure of your teeth. Your dentist can utilize them to bridge spaces between teeth, lengthen worn-down teeth, and straighten crooked teeth.

To fix conventional veneers in position, your doctor must eliminate an enamel layer from the front side of your teeth. Nonetheless, if you choose no-prep veneers, your doctor should not have to peel any enamel.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are an excellent choice for numerous patients. Some of the indications you are the right candidate for dental veneers include:

v  Seriously Stained Teeth

Whereas contemporary teeth whitening procedures are successful in correcting light to moderate staining, whitening products will not work on heavier stains. With dental veneers, you can hide stains, particularly interior staining caused by old fillings or decay.

v  Mild Cosmetic Concerns

Dental veneers are quite efficient in hiding misshapen teeth, chips, and cracks. Whilst dental bonding may assist with these concerns as well, veneers provide the most natural-looking results.

v  Various Cosmetic Concerns

Porcelain veneers are a procedure that can be used in various situations. For instance, you might  have multiple discolored teeth, chipped teeth, or somewhat misaligned teeth, all of which can be addressed with veneers. If not for this procedure, you would have to cover the cost of three additional procedures to get the same outcomes.

v  Fundamentally Excellent Oral Health

Your dentist must ensure your teeth and gums are in a good state before performing any procedure. Any underlying issues, such as gum disease and a seriously infected or decayed tooth, must first be addressed using appropriate restorative therapy before proceeding with veneers.

v  Sufficient Tooth Enamel

Veneer clings to your tooth enamel. As your dentist scrapes some enamel to create space for the porcelain, the underlying enamel layers remain in place. If there is insufficient enamel, the veneer will not have a strong enough surface to bind correctly.

Unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures, veneers are quite easy and cost-friendly. As a result, their popularity with patients who wish to enhance the look of their teeth is only improving. Nonetheless, the only sure-fire way of determining if you are the right candidate for veneers is by having your condition evaluated by a dentist. If you reside in Temecula, California, contact Sunshine Dental, Inc. to arrange an initial consultation to discuss veneers with Dr. Chien.


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