Who are Nurse Practitioners?

Have you ever been in a healthcare facility waiting for hours on end to see a doctor? Wait no more. With the emergence of nurse practitioners, doctors can now be relieved of their vast workloads. These nurse practitioners have advanced training over the regular nurses such that they can diagnose and even prescribe treatment in place of doctors. Read on to find out more about a nurse practitioner in Humble, TX

What is a nurse practitioner?

They are registered nurses who have furthered their education via a master’s degree or a doctorate in nursing. They are in a more significant class of healthcare providers known as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

Requirements for being a nurse practitioner

The following conditions are mandatory for one to become a nurse practitioner:

  • License to practice as a registered nurse in their state
  • Master’s degree or doctorate in nursing
  • Certification from relevant national organizations, i.e., the American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • Field experience to validate the certification and licensure

The process is rather lengthy but differs from person to person, depending on their specialty. The time taken to become a licensed nurse practitioner can vary from between three to nine years.

Due to the complicated nature of their work, nurse practitioners should:

  • Show compassion and empathy necessary in their field.
  • Have excellent communication skills to get information from patients and record it meticulously.
  • Display keen eye for detail
  • Maintain a high level of analytical skills
  • Always be well informed on new developments in their respective fields
  • Having good leadership skills as supervision is a significant part of their work

What does a nurse practitioner do?

Nurse practitioners’ duties vary depending on the specialty they choose. Their advanced training enables them to do various assignments in various fields that require a high level of competency and dedication. Some of their primary duties include:

  • Supervision of hospital staff and other nurses to ensure efficiency and best patient care
  • Conducting diagnostics tests by use of medical equipment
  • Analyzing test results to determine reasons for patient’s symptoms
  • Recording patient histories
  • Taking relevant information from patients or accompanying family or friends
  • Ensuring proper taking down of symptoms, treatments, and prescribed medications
  • For areas with inadequate facilities or staff, they assume responsibilities as the primary caregiver.
  • Diagnosis and development of a treatment plan to combat or keep ailments in check
  • Collection and organization of samples and information from patients
  • Providing insight to colleagues for diagnosis and treatment of ailments with unusual symptoms
  • Provision of various medical services such as geriatrics, pediatric care, and emergency room nursing.
  • Performing procedures involving cell cultures.
  • Educating and informing patients about their ailments and the devised treatment plans

During the training of nurse practitioners, they choose a specific patient population in which they shall specialize. These may include:

  • Pediatrics
  • Adult-gerontology
  • Family

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