What To Expect During Well Child Visits

When you take your child to the pediatrician at any given age, they may have specific procedures they perform on each visit. These procedures are the ones that will let them know that your child is growing up healthy and that everything is okay with their immune system. Additionally, these procedures are quick and painless. Well-child visits talk about anything going on with the child, their behavior, or schoolwork. While this sounds simple enough, it can establish a base for future discussions of milestones that your child is supposed to meet at different stages of their life. This article looks at the different things you should expect each time you visit pediatricians offering Bastrop well child exams. Read more below.

  • Physical Exam

The first part of the visit is always the physical exam. The pediatrician will start by checking your child’s overall health, weight, height, and eyesight. They will also check for any congenital disabilities, which are usually rare but could affect your children in some way. Additionally, they will measure how much blood is circulating through their bodies because that can signify different health problems. They will also measure their temperature and heart to check for any abnormalities.

  • Questions About Nutrition

After the physical exam, most pediatricians will ask you how your child is eating. They may even test their food knowledge by asking what certain things are good for. The pediatrician wants to make sure that your child eats healthy and gets all the nutrients their growing body needs. You should bring a sample of their food to the office.

  • Questions About Your Child’s Behavior

After their physical exam, your child will go through a series of questions about their behavior. Most pediatricians ask simple questions such as how they eat and sleep. They may even test them on their favorite things to see if they match the correct age group. Additionally, they will ask you or your child what kind of temper they have and if they’re generally calm. This is an excellent way to see if their growth and development are on track or not.

  • Vaccination Record Review

Your child will also go through a review of their vaccine records. They may ask specific questions about each one or just the dates given so far. Most pediatricians do this because it is crucial to any development they can have regarding their immune system.

  • Growth and Development Review

Finally, the last part of the visit is always a review of how they are doing in different aspects, such as getting them ready to go to school or even potty training if that’s what they want. The pediatrician will check for milestones and how they’re developing. This will allow you to ask any questions and get advice on what to do next in their development.

In summary, well-child visits are an essential part of your child’s growth and development. During an appointment with a pediatrician, you should expect a physical exam and questions about nutrition and your child’s behavior. They will also review the vaccination record and check their growth and development.


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