What project management methods to use best?

Project management method is a game tips number one is what I call the scoped process whenever you’re challenged by a difficult situation or a question you don’t know how to answer stop don’t rush in to try to fix it or answer it stop clarify what the situation is what the question is what the intent is behind the question what the facts are behind the situation and then weigh up your options

How could you respond what are your choices and what’s the right ones who adopt or the right sequence of components to implement and only then should you proceed but proceeding and keeping going can be foolish you might not be responding properly to the situation or answering the question in a way that meets the needs of the person who asked it so constantly evaluate the response the reaction that you’re getting is your answer is your response suiting the situation if it isn’t if you’ve got any evidence that you’re going wrong stop clarify what’s going on look at what your options are now and proceed again and continue to evaluate that’s the scope process.

Keys to success a project manager

Any former project professional number two look for the big lever on your project every project has its own characteristics, but my experience is that every project has one main level.

Agile Project Management Methodology


Certain methods of working have won big points by bringing the best results for teams over time here’s the basic comparison of these project management methods and first we have the waterfall traditional or waterfall agile project management handles things sequentially from the concept.


Planning phase through the development and quality assurance and finally project completion and maintenance project requirements are usually defined at the beginning with little to no alterations to the plan unless absolutely necessary.


One primary route to seizing control of your agile project management that control if not through the whole life of the project for a stage or a significant part of a stage on some projects I have worked on that’s been risk management and I have dedicated as much as half of my time to actively working risk register what others it’s monitoring milestones and achievements on some it’s the quality of deliverables and on others it’s managing people and

what they’re doing and when they’re doing it if you can figure out what that big lever is and you can give a disproportionate amount of your attention to that then you’ll be successful in controlling your project number three multitasking does not work and that’s a real pain if you’ve got a big complex project where you need to be here and you need to be there you’ve got this to think about and you’ve got that to think about and this to do and that to do and this supposed to speak to in that person speak to your brain gets overloaded what works is mono tasking doing one thing at a time ideally focusing on it from start to completion but if you really can’t do that then we’re looking at what I call serial mono tasking do one thing put it down do another and then go back and the ideal timespan for serial monitor asking is chunks of around 20 to 40 minutes if the chunk size is too small then they’re putting it down and picking up the next one uses up too much time and it’s very wasteful if on the other hand the chunk size is too great. You have left something started put it down and gone on to something else and for too long worked on it by the time you come back to the first thing you have forgotten a lot and it’s very wasteful because you’ve got to really learn what you knew you’ve got to remind yourself refresh your memory about where you were when you left off so mono tasking is the ideal serial monitor tasking in chunks of 20 to 40 minutes is the next best that you can achieve number four I think every agile project management that you need a communications plan so that’s not my tip that’s going to raise your game my tip that’s going to raise your game is as part of your communications plan build yourself a message calendar as part of your planning process at the start of each stage anticipate the key dates the key cycles and who you’re going to communicate.

When and build a calendar of key communications who they’re going to and what the main messages are going to be I learned this from the political sphere this is what politicians do during in administration but it really works because let’s face it projects are political in nature a small pea yes this isn’t national politics or party politics but wherever you put two humans in a room together you’ve got politics projects are politics and playing the game of politics properly means effective communication and that means good regular frequent and efficient messaging number five as a project management methods will you helps to loads of stuff on your plate and it’s very tempting to say yes to all of it because that’s how you go where you are today you got good at saying yes to stuff and delivering it and you know what the alternative is saying no and that sure sounds negative and what serious agile project manger to come across as a negative person but you do need to turn down the opportunity to do loads of things which do not properly contribute to your goals your objectives and delivering the project accountably to time to budget and specification so you need to learn to say no but transform know from a negative NO to a positive noble objection and a noble objection is when you decline to do something for the right reasons because it is not the strategic thing that needs to get done if you do it it will take away time and energy and attention from something that has far higher priority and remember to be properly Noble. The noble objection must also be made in a courteous polite respectful manner but if you can learn to make noble objections and to say no so there are right things that means you’ve got more time to do the things you really ought to be doing and that way you’ll be more successful as a project manager.


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