What Makes A Good Collage Photo?

We love visuals because they create emotions within us. Moreover, as everyone knows, emotions are a key part of being human. A great collage photo, therefore, triggers positive emotions that make people want to come back for more. We enjoy feeling happy or excited so if you can generate this with your free online collage maker then you’re well on the way to creating a loyal following. Learn more about collage templates from an easy-to-use, award-winning tool.

How to Create Stunning Collages with your Free online Collage Maker

Working with a photo collage maker means that you can be as creative as you like. Although, you can make your job easier by starting with a collage template that you then customize. Either way, here are some fundamental techniques for creating the best photos:

  • Pick a theme
  • Composition
  • Contrast
  • Typography

Pick a Theme

Depending on what you’re going to use your free online collage maker for, you’ll want to pick a key subject matter. For example, you could be sharing your latest hair accessory discoveries on your Instagram page. Alternatively, you might want to showcase a new product for your business. Perhaps you even have summer sales about to start? Whatever it is, once you know your theme then you can find all your relevant images to put together into one stunning photo collage.


Have you noticed how some photos look great and some just look off? If you’re not a professional photographer then you might not know why. However, there’s a very easy rule to follow to make sure that your photos are appealing to your viewers.

Simply follow the Rule of Thirds. This means that you superimpose an imaginary 3 by 3 box grid over your picture. You then make sure that your subjects are either along the grid lines or at the intersections. This easy rule is the perfect way to get the right layout. Of course, you can also use your editing tools to cut out any extra space once you get your photos.


Playing around with the light and the shadows or even the different colors is fun and creative. It’s also the perfect way to add texture so your images don’t look dull. The overall effect will make your final photo collage seem more alive. It’s worth noting that you can also use your editing tools to add extra contrast though.


When you make a photo collage, you’ll also want to consider whether you want to add text. This might be useful if you’re running a social media campaign such that you need to include keywords. You can actually add some fun and creative fonts into your photo collages that really help your message stand out.

Tips to Use your Free online Collage Maker for Awesome Collages

Now that you have an idea of the basics, you’ll want to avoid some common mistakes when using your photo collage maker, as detailed below:

  • Use variety wisely
  • Leverage colors
  • Crop empty space with your video edit
  • Avoid too busy

Use Variety Wisely

You might have the perfectly composed photos ready to download into your photo collage maker. Nevertheless, if they’re all very similar then people will just feel bored when looking at your photo collage. For example, too many takes of the same food dish or plant can be overly repetitive. On the other hand, you can add some contrast with perhaps a different background or different types of colorful close-ups.

Leverage Colors

Colors help trigger emotions. Warm colors such as yellow make us feel happy. Furthermore, put yellow next to red and you have both excitement and hunger. Why do you think the McDonald’s sign is yellow on a red background?

When it comes to your photo collage, don’t overthink it and go with colors that make you feel what you want your viewers to feel. Then again, you might have already picked your brand colors. In that case, make sure you create memorable photo collages that incorporate those colors.

Crop empty space with your video edit

As mentioned, it’s easy to crop negative space with your editing tools. This one is a bit of a balance though. Some negative space can convey certain emotions but too much can also lose your subject. In those cases, play around with the photo editor and sometimes, just go with your gut feeling.

Avoid too Busy

The best messages are clear and simple. Trying to share too much information on photo collages can overwhelm people. They’ll then either quickly move on or be too confused to pay attention. It’s easy to check your layouts though and to only include one or two subjects. Then again, this is why the collage templates are so useful. They can give you ideas of course but they’ll also keep you to a structure that works. After all, the frames have been specially designed to appeal to people. It’s therefore just a question of choosing the right style for your needs.

Final Thoughts for Maximizing your Free Online Collage Maker

When creating the best photo collages, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of planning. So, know your goals and then work out your theme and what kind of colors and subjects might work with it. After that, it’s a question of making sure that you have the right composition and that you leverage the right contrast with your editing tools. Don’t forget to also use the collage templates to both give you ideas and to make your job easier. After all, why not let the tools do the work for us if it means we achieve our goals?


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