What is the difference between THC and CBD in cannabis?

Cannabis has become one of the most controversial plants in the world. Although it is legal in some countries. But many other countries still can’t use it correctly. Because it is a plant that produces fruit on both sides can be used to smoke for entertainment until intoxicated

Or it can be used in medicine for treatment there are differences because of the substances contained in cannabis, such as THC and CBD, although they are similar. Both have different results.

What are CBD and THC??

There are two substances in cannabis, the first THC was discovered, and later CBD, is that these two species are very similar. (But it gives different results) Scientifically explained, both are composed of 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. But it’s different because “The arrangement of atoms” is not the same. Easy to imagine if anyone doesn’t understand. 2 toy houses are using the same puzzle. Plus, there is the same number of puzzle pieces. But per person, So it doesn’t come out the same. Alright. We’ll discuss the differences later. It is coming back to the similarities of THC and CBD kaufen. Both of these substances belong to the group. “Cannabinoids” are not only found in cannabis. But it is already present in the human body. Confused??

But the “cannabinoid” in our body only works when merged with “Cannabinoid receptors” in our body. Such as the cannabinoids in the brain. If the body produces it correctly, It will help relieve anxiety and reduce sadness. Now it should be enough to understand each other. Why do humans smoke cannabis and get cannabinoids? Because we humans can produce some, And there are receptors in everyone’s body.

Key Differences of THC and CBD

In the past, when humans were known to smoke cannabis, They understood that cannabis was soothing and “gethi” even before its substance was known. When I later learned that it contains THC, I began to understand that this substance was soothing. And also affects the nervous system, But after studying it again, I found that there is another CBD kaufen that helps to relax. But this substance does not result in “Gethi” in any way. which is enough to continue to study

Both are increasing the dosage of CBD even more. Found that this substance has almost no side effects on the human body. But the side effects of THC include dry mouth, thirst, rapid heartbeat, slow reflexes, red eyes, or decreased memory. They are almost all the result of getting too much THC.

Development of cannabis for medical use

Many illnesses That kind can be alleviated with both THC and CBD.

I want to divide it into three categories for easy understanding:

  1. Symptoms that only THC can help such as edibles weed, insomnia, muscle spasms
  2. Symptoms that only CBD can help relieve include migraines, depression, muscle inflammation, glaucoma, epilepsy, and psychotic symptoms.
  3. Symptoms that both substances help in the same way, such as illness, anxiety

When it comes to information that CBD in online thc edibles has more advantages than disadvantages, incredibly not intoxicated and does not affect the nervous system, This led to the development of extracts of such compounds for use in medicine especially. Most recently, in June 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration recently contained a brand of CBD extract that can relieve epilepsy as well.

And important topics Not to mention that it is

Cannabinoids and cancer treatment, you must say that Using marijuana to treat cancer is not meant to be Smoking cannabis, and cancer cells disappear. At this point, there is no definite study and certification.

But radiation therapy for cancer, known as “chemo,” is excruciating for patients. Therefore, “cannabis oil” or “cannabis spray” is used to give CBD kaufen to help alleviate the pain caused. Without intoxication Does not affect the nervous system of the user in the long term.

The natural treatment of cancer There is research studies as well.

Plus, it’s the use of cannabinoid compounds that we’re talking about.

This cannabinoid, called Cannabigerol, is the same substance that is effective in treating glaucoma. Lab experiments found that This substance has the potential to treat many cancers. (The manuscript includes examples of breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer. Skin cancer, ovarian cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and colon cancer) If there is more research in the future May increase the efficiency of using this compound to step up as an alternative to better cancer treatment.


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