What is Photo Restoration?

Do you have a bunch of old photographs that you wish looked as sharp as they did a decade ago? Old pictures are highly prone to degradation and it makes them fade over time. 

But photos, especially old ones, hold much significance for us. No one wants to part with them or see them gradually degrading and turning into dust. Fortunately, photo restoration services are there to take care of your old photos and transform them so they look like they once did. 

Photo Restoration Process 

It is the process of employing digital restoration tools. These tools help in the creation of digital versions of the photographs. It thus helps to enhance their quality and minimize the amount of damage that has occurred to them over time. 

The concept of restoring photos and images is not new. Some decades ago, photo restoration services were not available much for the general public. But now, the situation has completely reversed. 

With the development of Adobe Photoshop and other similar photo editing tools along with consumer-grade scanners, even regular people can get their photos restored. The tools even help them to try their own hand at photo restoration. 

However, remember that while you can get the necessary equipment needed for fixing your photos, the services of a professional will offer you a much better result. 

The professional photo restoration experts have a detailed understanding of using the software for transforming damaged photographs. In fact, the usage of various photo restoration software comes through years of practice. So, you just cannot achieve the same effect by yourself. 

Decoding Photo Restoration 

It is a bit complicated to restore old photos, especially if you are not intent on availing of professional photo restoration services. In simple words, photo restoration is executed through the following steps:

  • Scan those photos you want to get restored. In scanning them, keep in mind to use a reliable scanner that can generate good quality images. The quality of these images is crucial for editing them using the software. 
  • Transfer the scanned photos to your computer. Start by looking at the color cast. It can become crooked over time. Use a white balance dropper tool to give a more natural feel to the colors. 
  • Use the levels tool in Photoshop to recover the contrast and dynamic range. The photograph will also look more natural after you use this tool. 
  • Use a cloning and healing brush for fixing any tears or rips in the image. It will help you select the region of the damaged photo and utilize the surrounding colors to smoothen it out. 

Bear in mind that just considering all these techniques and actually implementing them to get the desired result are two different things. So, you should go in for professional photo restoration services. 

It will ensure that your photos come out perfect and meet the highest quality restoration standards. 

Types of damages that can be restored

With professional services, you can easily restore photos that have the following types of damages.

  • Aged image
  • Antique images
  • Impaired images 
  • Monochrome to color restoration

Some years back, restoring an old picture was thought to be an impossible task. However, recent technological advances in restoration and photo-editing have made it possible to recover even the most damaged photos.



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