What Is Education?

Education is a process that enables people to develop knowledge and personal qualities. Educational techniques include teaching, storytelling, research, discussion, and training. Some of the most common methods of education include formal classroom instruction and informal learning. But while these may seem like the most obvious methods, they are not the only ones. Non-formal learning is just as important as formal instruction. For example, informal education involves the use of a mentor or group of educators.

A more fundamental question is what constitutes education? This term refers to the entire process of human development, from infancy to maturity. The term education is broad and isn’t confined to classrooms or learning centers. It is a process of human growth based on the innate potentials of children and is a necessary part of the development process. It is a fundamental aspect of life and should not be limited to formal classrooms.

According to John Ellis, education involves a combination of informal and formal learning experiences. The goal of education is to emancipate and enrich human experience. Thus, the goal of education is to make people more self-aware. However, most people confuse the ends with the means. The main goal of education is to enable people to understand the world and become better individuals. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between formal and informal learning. But it’s essential to understand the distinction between these two.


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