What Is BlockChain?

Blockchain is a database where we store the data in the form of blocks that are interconnected & chained with each other. is an online platform related to cryptocurrency. It is an explorer for cryptocurrency. They also provide the service of cryptocurrency wallets.

All people who are finding cryptocurrency exchange platforms then they can also use blockchain. Blockchain was established in 2011. As they have spent a lot of time in the market so their service will be good. They are also very popular in the market & a lot of people trust them. Here we will discuss all details about blockchain. Hope you will find all this information helpful & useful.

Good Things About BlockChain:

There are a lot of good things & points about the blockchain. They are providing good service. They also provide good security. They make sure that all data of the users is safe & there is no risk or any danger. So that’s why their users trust them.

They also give a user-friendly interface. Anyone can use it easily. It is also the main reason that why people like this platform. People can easily use eSports on Blockchain. You can use it for many cryptocurrencies worldwide. They also provide many languages in their system. People can use any language available according to their needs.

Blockchain Wallet:

Blockchain also offers a wallet service. People can use it for cryptocurrency. It is also very good. You can use it on both computers & mobiles. On the computer, you can use any browser to use it & on mobile, there are apps both for android & ios. People can use this wallet for any cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ether, stellar, etc.

As we all know that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, etc are becoming very much popular. So all who want to use these currencies for any purpose then they can use blockchain wallet for it. We made a space blockchain for you.

Bad Things About It:

With good things, blockchain also has some bad things. They are very little & company can resolve them by just giving some attention. Some of the faults are as follows,

There are also some security issues in the wallet. Due to which people feel unsafe while using it.

A Verification process is also needed. It is an important step & process. But the bad thing is that it takes time. Which disturbs the users while using it.

Security Levels:

To ensure security the company has introduced three levels of security. This thing makes all the systems a secure place. That’s why also users like it. All these three levels are not simple. They have made all systems fully secured.


In the end, we conclude all this topic. The blockchain is a good platform for anyone interested in cryptocurrency. They have a good system. Security is also good. Their system is very much secure. There are also some problems that users have to face. Otherwise, most things are very much good. Hope you all liked this article & it was helpful for you.


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