What everybody ought to know about the automotive aftermarket


Buying and maintaining a vehicle often requires you to sift through the potential alternatives and options. Since the cost of maintenance for car parts can often cost twice as much as the original price, most vehicle owners resort to automotive aftermarkets for a cheaper and more affordable repair pricing.

If you are wondering what exactly an automotive aftermarket is and why people tend to gravitate towards it, continue reading on.

The Automotive Aftermarket Distribution Framework

The automotive aftermarket sales is a lucrative business that aims to follow a two-step distribution framework. This type of process follows an organized flow that distributes channels from the manufacturer of the parts to the auto parts retailer itself.

What makes the automotive aftermarket a substantially beneficial component in cheaper auto parts production is that it enables the retailers to have multiple access to warehouse distributors. This type of arrangement ensures that the drop-shipped orders are directly sent to the consumers. Hence, it makes the cost of the overall purchasing process cheaper compared to the standard auto parts manufacturer. It is also one of the main reasons why aftermarket suppliers like Mishimoto automotive performance have gained the trust of drivers from various parts of the world.

The automotive aftermarket is a growing industry.

The automotive aftermarket industry has become an increasingly popular alternative for drivers who want to replace their car parts and components. As of June 2020, there is a gross net of $50.509 billion from the accumulated purchases of organizations and individuals. It only shows that the automotive aftermarket industry is a fast-growing sector that is also projected to increase by 30% by the end of the last quarter of 2021.

Some of the largest aftermarket parts suppliers like Rock Auto and Mishimoto automotive performance have seen unprecedented purchases. It also indicates that the uptrends will more likely impact how consumer behavior will dictate the value of stocks from these companies, as mentioned above.

The Automotive Aftermarket and OEM

Some car owners are quite confused when they encounter OEM and aftermarket terms and often inquire about the differences in the level of quality parts produced. An OEM replacement is a component replaced by the manufacturer according to the guidelines and specifications set by the manufacturing company. Meanwhile, an aftermarket car part is a component that may have been made according to the manufacturer’s specifications or more.

In most cases, there is no equivalent OEM part for every aftermarket product. It only goes to show that there are really no significant differences in both of them. However,  it is the aftermarket parts that people most commonly resort to since they exceed the specifications of every individual modification.

The Automotive aftermarket is the go-to destination for cheaper and cost-effective car parts!

Aftermarket parts are preferred by most car owners because they are cheaper alternatives compared to OEM parts. The aftermarket is also an ideal place to go to if you want to get the best value and high-quality stocks for relatively less than the original pricing of some car components. However, it is also highly recommended to look out for scams. There may be some deals that are too good to be true. It is best to ask for help from an expert if you are still quite ambiguous on this matter.


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