What are the most common problems with audio systems?

What are the most common problems with audio systems?

Audio problems are certain. It is not possible that you purchase an audio system and do not face an issue ever. This is even the case with the highest quality products. Thus, rather than expecting a perfect system, you should be more familiar with the common problems which make most likely occur at least once in the equipment’s lifetime.

Audio systems can also be complicated even if you purchase it from reputable brands such as Samsung UAE. This makes it difficult to understand. Therefore, here are some of the most common problems you should acquaint yourself with.

  1. Distorted sound

Distorted sound, or even no sound, from the speakers is one of the most common problems. This is when you need to check the source audio. If the music is being played over a cable or through wireless connections, make sure the right source is selected. Sometimes, the cables get damaged as well. In such an event, you should replace the cable with another one to figure out what the actual problem is. You must purchase JBL Speakers to avoid distortion of sound.

  1. Humming sound

Humming sound in speakers, headphones or earbuds is a common issue that you may face. This is particularly true with older systems. The best solution to this issue is to isolate all the components to evaluate where the problem is. Audio source can be changed as well to check if the noise disappears. Sometimes, cables with better shielding are required. In any event, you can purchase JBL Earbuds and JBL Headphones which doesn’t experience this issue.

  1. Lack of bass or treble

Sometimes, your Sound Bar may lack bass or treble. This will ruin the musical experience. There are several issues which may potentially cause this problem. The first possibility is that you may be playing the system at high volumes. This will cause distortion and give an effect that there is a lack of bass or treble. You should also check whether the audio systems are placed perfectly. Avoid placing the systems under a table or any other shelf. This could make the audio system sound more boomy. A potentially damaged wire may also cause this sound.

  1. Volume getting too loud

This is one of the most common and frequent issues with audio systems. Sometimes, you are watching a movie and the sound gets too loud during certain scenes. One of the major reasons is that the audio may have been mixed. However, this does not mean that the audio settings are to be changed each and every time. There are many audio systems in market which provide automatic settings. It dynamically changes the settings depending on the audio levels in different scenes. Make sure you purchase audio systems that offer this option. These can be purchased from platforms like

Above are some common problems which you may experience. In order to avoid long-term issues, you can call professionals to get the job done.


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