What are the Considering Factors to Build Swimming Pool in Your House?

Dream homes always come with a swimming pool. But in reality, it may not always be what you think. For the high budget and the construction method, it can be challenging to build thoughtfully. To make a swimming pool with an affordable budget, you can click here and hire the best professional swimming pool contractor in Oahu.

Whatever the swimming pool is not the main part of living in the house. But it is undeniable that the swimming pool is one of the areas where happiness and relaxation can occur. Whether used for exercise or adding an atmosphere to make the house look outstandingly beautiful, having a swimming pool is suitable for the home.

Therefore, before thinking of building a swimming pool, homeowners should consider various vital principles. That’s why the article will describe some considering factors for making a swimming pool.

Determine the location of the pool:

If you want the pool to enhance the house to look more outstanding, you should first choose the position of the house. If you are selecting this position, it is most suitable for adding a swimming pool after the construction of the house is complete.

This is because they can use piles that are inexpensive. It also saves on construction labor costs. But if you are concerned about privacy, maybe chooses a corner area on the side or the back of the house is better. Or you can use the pool’s elevation to a height of about 1 meter from the standard floor. But if the area is very narrow may incur additional wages and requires expensive piles to not damage the original house structure.

Clearly explore the need:

Before deciding to build a swimming pool, you should determine the purpose of making a swimming pool. In this case, you should explore the needs of the building according to the entrance of the house.

Indeed, this survey of needs and objectives, if a clear answer is obtained. This will affect the determination of various matters, such as the size and shape of the pool. It can be supported land area location of the pool and other component locations of the house as a whole.

Choose the correct shape of the pool:

The shape of the pool does not have any statutory or fixed requirements. But depends on the preference owner’s needs and the concept of design, including area size, which is generally divided into two types of shapes:

Geometric pool:

It is a standard swimming pool in the shape of an overlapping canvas. Suitable for building in houses with limited space. By a simple shape, this gives a simple feel that is suitable for minimalist and modern homes.

Free-form swimming pool:

It is often used in design to wheel with the theme of the garden to create an atmosphere. By making this shape, you may feel like swimming in the middle of nature. This type is suitable for homes with a large area or tropical style.  Caution does not design the shape of the pool with too many nooks and crannies because it will cause problems with the tile floor and cleaning.

Choose the right water treatment system:

Chlorine system:

It is a prevalent disinfection system because it is very inexpensive. The precaution of using this system is the chlorine dissolving process. It must comply with standards and instructions for use to prevent chlorine from irritating the skin.

Brine system:

It is disinfection with salt, which is not harmful to politeness. It also adds moisture to the skin. But the installation price is relatively high. And the water in the pool is alkaline, giving it a salty taste.

Ozone system:

It is water disinfection by producing ozone gas from the air compressor. High efficiency because there is no residue in the water. But this system will have a high setup cost. And the sterilization time is shorter than other systems.


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