What are Common Pediatric Dental Emergencies in GA?

When your child has a dental emergency, it is essential to consult a children’s dentist in Cumming, GA. If your child has a toothache or has lost teeth due to decay or gingivitis, it is important for them to see a pediatric dentist as soon as possible for treatment. The longer your child has dental problems, the worse it can affect them. Some of these dental issues can also arise from having a cavity remain untreated or having an abscessed tooth that has not been taken care of by a pediatric dentist.

All of these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. If you do not address these dental needs, your child will experience discomfort and pain, which can lead to oral health problems that are costly to repair in the future.

Let us now see into the common pediatric dental emergencies in GA.

  • Dental avulsion

Dental avulsion is the detachment of a tooth from the socket or alveolar bone. This is caused by a traumatic extraction, such as a blow to the face or a fall with an outstretched arm. If left untreated, a dental avulsion can lead to the formation of an infected sinus that may need to be cleaned out. 

  • Crown fracture

A crown fracture occurs when the enamel of the tooth cracks or breaks, which can cause sensitivity and pain to occur. There is also a risk of bacteria entering through these cracks and causing infections. A crown fracture can be treated with a root canal or dental crown. Crown fractures are common in children who are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

  • Root fracture

Root fractures are fractures that occur in the root of the tooth. They can be caused by accidental trauma such as a bite or a fall. If left untreated, they may lead to infections and further dental problems. Root fractures are often treated by removing the canine portion of the tooth, which reduces the risk of infection.

  • Dental concussion

A dental concussion occurs when the outermost layer of the tooth is damaged by trauma. This can cause pain and sensitivity in the teeth. Dental concussions can be treated with a filling or a crown if necessary. You can also have your child assessed by a doctor to see if there are any other problems with the teeth.


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