Ways to Treat Hip Pain

The hip is a ball and socket joint comprising bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Any injury or irritation of these parts can cause hip pain. Common causes of hip pain Myrtle Beach include arthritis, bursitis, hip fracture, sprains, strains, osteoporosis, and osteomyelitis. You are more likely to get hip pain as you age or if you do activities that involve regular movements of your hips, like dancing. You can treat mild to moderate hip pain at home but consult your doctor if your discomfort persists or become severe. Hip pain can be severe, affecting your movement or daily activities. There are many treatments for hip pain, and here are some.


Rest can help improve your hip pain. Avoid activities that need you to bend your hip or put pressure on it. Also, avoid sleeping on the side of the affected hip. Ensure you rest enough but do not sit for prolonged periods.

Cold and heat therapy

Cold and heat therapy can help reduce hip pain. You can wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it over the affected region for ten to fifteen minutes several times daily. Three days after your injury, you can rub a warm towel over your hip to ease pain and prepare your muscles for stretching.


Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen sodium can help relieve pain and inflammation. Your doctor can prescribe corticosteroids and disease-modifying anti-rheumatic medicines like methotrexate and biologics if your hip pain results from rheumatoid arthritis. These drugs help stop or slow your immune system from attacking the joints. Bisphosphonates medicines like Zoledronic acid and Risedronate can help strengthen bones weakened by osteoporosis, reducing pain and preventing further damage.

Exercise and physical therapy

Low-impact exercises and stretching help reduce hip pain, strengthen hip muscles and improve joint mobility. For example, your doctor can recommend swimming if your arthritis is causing your hip pain. Stretches are best if your hip pain is caused by bursitis or you are recovering from an injury. Physical therapy helps increase your range of motion. Your therapist can help you create an exercise program for hip pain.


Surgery is often the last option to treat hip pain. Your doctor can suggest surgery if you have severe hip pain or other conservative treatments that do not improve your symptoms. Various hip surgeries are, depending on the cause of your pain, including:


Debridement involves your surgeon using special tools to remove any frayed or damaged pieces of soft tissue in your hip joint. Creating smooth surfaces may help reduce hip pain and improve function.

Hip labrum repair

The hip labrum is a soft tissue ring surrounding your hip socket. Doctors often recommend surgeries to repair the torn hip labrum. During hip labrum repair surgery, your surgeon attaches the damaged portion of the labrum through small plastic anchors and thread. The surgeon may also smooth loose or frayed regions of the labrum.

Hip pain is treatable depending on your symptoms and the cause. Your doctor can treat hip pain through rest, cold and heat therapy, medications, exercise, or surgery. Schedule an appointment at United Physician Group for hip pain treatment to resume normal movement.


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