Ways to Improve Patient Engagement with eClinicalWorks software

Patient Engagement with eClinicalWorks software

There is a growing trend amongst practices to work on improving communication with their patients. The question arises – why does this happen? After all, it may be more work for already busy practitioners and practice staff. In order to understand this, we will be talking about patient engagement in this article.

Luckily, eClinicalWorks software is a tool that helps make the delivery of engagement easier for practices. Let’s move into how the software works and how it impacts engagement.

Why Do We Need Patient Engagement?

Studies have shown that patients that are engaged in healthcare have better outcomes. They are overall healthier, more informed, and more likely to adhere to their treatment plans. Engaging patients in healthcare also has an impact on the practice. The more engaged they are, the more likely doctors are to face a lighter workload and lower costs.

However, there may be some hesitation amongst practices in the adoption of engagement techniques. This is because the work to get engagement can be one that requires a stronger bond with patients. A highly engaged patient will have a healthy relationship with their doctor. Their doctor should know the details of their background as well.

Ultimately, all patient engagement initiatives are aimed at the mixing of medical knowledge, IT, and patient experience. The ultimate goal is to make sure each person who visits the practice has a satisfactory experience. However, creating that kind of environment might be tough, especially for smaller practices with overworked staff.

Luckily, eClinicalWorks software can help out in this regard. When you use eClinicalWorks EMR software, you get tools that can improve patient experiences. These work in different ways – either automating certain tasks or leaving more time for practitioners to get to know their patients. At the end of the day, the goal is increased engagement.

For example, the patient portal available through eClinical Works software is vital to set up a line of communication. It allows patients to reach their doctor securely and ask questions about what they need. This kind of empowerment is vital to improving engagement.

The Importance of Patient-Centric Care

The health industry as a whole is changing to reflect a new movement called patient-centric care. This is a shift from focusing on care, in general, to care through the lens of the patient. More and more initiatives are being created to deliver care in a way that patients can engage with. This helps to not just improve the quality of care but also addresses access to care.

The change doesn’t just have to be about doctors – everyone engaged in the act of patient care is involved in this shift. From office managers to janitors, all the way to the front-desk staff who have the most interactions with patients. At the end of the day, when these people understand patient centric-care, is when the best results can be obtained.

Maintaining a level of engagement with patients is crucial for many reasons. However, one reason why patient-centric approaches are necessary is because of retention. When a patient feels like they are satisfied with their care, they are likely to come back. Not only does this create an environment fit for quality care delivery, but it also improves profitability.

The good news is, when you are using eClinicalWorks software, you can actually take steps to improve retention. At the same time, you also want to be able to bring in new people to the clinic. This helps create a healthy balance between new patients and retained ones. Balancing both may be tough, but there are some measures you can take.

Tips To Retain Old Patients And Attract New Ones

How do people find doctors these days? And how do you make sure people keep coming back to your practice? Having a good retention rate helps to establish the longevity of a practice. However, as you maintain bonds with patients from before, you also need to be able to bring in new patients.

Using eClinicalWorks software, you can manage a healthy balance between retained and new patients. Here are a few tips to making that happen.

Utilize Patient Engagement Tools

One of the best ways to make sure your patients come back is to satisfy them the first time they visit. You can make this happen using engagement tools from eClinicalWorks software. The software includes features that can allow you to improve communication by sending messages.

You can also connect patients with their own healthcare using the patient portal. The portal also allows them to securely communicate with their doctors. Another great way to manage patient engagement is by offering billing tools. Make sure patients have a way to manage payments and view their balance. They should also have multiple payment options.

Offer COVID Response Office Times

Under the latest global pandemic, seeing patients at your practice may be unsafe. As such, you can offer patients with alternative mechanisms through which they can receive care. This helps to keep patients engaged during the pandemic and ensures their safety.

You can create contactless mechanisms that patients can use to check in all the way from their homes. The use of telehealth helps to give them access to care even when things are unsafe outside. If people do come into the practice, you can mandate masks and sanitizers.

Accessible And Sensitive Care

One way to make sure patients feel safe with you is through a commitment to care for all. What this means is that the care you provide will be given to all without question. The more a patient feels safe and heard at your practice, the more likely they will be to come back.

Make sure you spend time listening to patients and remember the information they provide. Details about their lifestyle and access to care can make a huge difference. They can impact their entire treatment plan, and so they must be listened to diligently.


No matter what, patient engagement is a critical area of work at your practice. You can improve your engagement with eClinicalWorks software. For more information on the features in EMR software eClinicalWorks, you can request a demo.


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