Voice Search: Will SEO Really Change in 2021?

2021 will be The Turning Point for Voice Search. Better to be Prepared

Will Voice Search in 2021 really change the way you do SEO and approach web marketing? The question concerns all those who work in the digital field and who would like to optimize websites and Google Ads advertisements in the most appropriate way and in step with the trends of the coming times.

Mobile devices, in particular smartphones equipped with assistants that support voice search, are expected to be the preferred tools for users to make increasingly specific and detailed queries (online searches). And let’s not forget smart speakers such as Google Home or Alexa, increasingly present in our homes – it is estimated that they will amount to about 8 billion by 2023 – and capable of impacting the way we approach search engines.

The Voice Search and Voice Search is therefore the basis on which to build the next SEO strategies and, more generally, search marketing from 2021 onwards; the need is ascertained by the fact that more and more data and statistics (both national and international) confirm that online users find in the voice a faster and more direct way to carry out searches, thus being able to find already in the Google SERP precise answers to your queries.

How research changes in 2021

The direction that Google is taking is clear: using complex algorithms such as BERT and Rank Brain, the search engine is increasingly able to interpret conversational queries and therefore return increasingly qualitative results in response to search keys that are much longer and more complex than the ones we’ve always been used to doing.

For this reason, the way of doing affordable SEO Toronto must be increasingly attentive to the Google algorithm which varies continuously and prefers rapidly growing factors (such as those described in our article on Voice Search ) on which it is appropriate to focus to create SEO content. -friendly more and more targeted and performing.

The voice search performed on Google / Android devices using the software Google Assistant , will represent a significant source of organic traffic (an estimated 50% in 2021) not only to search for information online but also intent transactional . A few examples?

“Where can I buy ecological sweatshirt online

“Where can I find a vegan restaurant in Milan?”

“How much does it cost to send a registered letter?”

As you may have noticed, interrogative queries are growing strongly with Vocal Search: users use Google’s voice search in an increasingly natural way, asking questions or using more “imperative” commands (e.g. “find me some relaxing exercises to do”).


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