Visiting a Pain Management Specialist to Get the Relief You Need for Your Back Pain

There are a lot of reasons your back may hurt. This pain can be due to a pulled muscle, pinched nerve, or a serious back problem. The kind of pain ranges from a dull ache to sharp pain. While acute back pain tends to go away on its own, chronic pain lasts longer than three months. If you have been experiencing back pain for a while, you should know when it is time to see a Matawan pain management specialist

Why Back Pain Occurs

Back pain commonly results from muscle strains or ligament sprains. Your back can hurt because of bad posture and obesity. Also, it can occur due to arthritis and other spine changes because of age. If you suffer from a fractured vertebra or ruptured disc, you can also experience back pain. 

How Back Pain Can be Treated at Home

Over-the-counter pain relievers can alleviate your pain. Also, you can apply hot or cold packs to relieve your back pain because heat and cold can stimulate the nerves and ease the pain. Another way to relieve your pain is to rest and avoid activities that put a strain on your back. 

When to Visit a Pain Management Specialist?

You must see a pain specialist if your pain becomes severe and constant for more than a couple of weeks. You might also consider checking out your pain if it prevents you from a whole night of rest or removes you from usual activities. Also, it is crucial to seek medical attention for back pain when you suffer from unexplained weight loss, tingling, numbness, weakness in the legs.  Call the doctor immediately if the pain spreads below the knee, cancer, fracture, or infection may impact your spine and back swelling or redness. If you experience back pain after a car accident, a sports injury, or a serious fall, call 911 right away. 

What Does a Pain Management Specialist Do?

The specialist can address all factors involved in your back pain. They will diagnose and treat the chronic condition that may be causing your pain. Also, they can help address the deeper problems that contribute to your chronic condition. For example, arthritis could result from obesity, and depression could contribute to obesity.

Moreover, pain management doctors specialize in interventional and functional medicine. Meaning that they can offer comprehensive care for you while restoring your body’s functionality. They also offer many important services like behavioral therapy, trigger injections, nerve blocks, nerve stimulation, physical therapy, and others that can treat your pain and the cause of the pain.  


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