US States People are fleeing from in 2021

2020 was a disaster year for all of us and the virus has dulled our work, office, social, and home lives to an extent that many of us are looking for a dramatically positive change in life. Working from home is the new normal in the modern world and this has provided people the leverage of moving near to their loved ones to have some good family time. People are trading their urban life for country life to enjoy their lives without disturbing their work life. Thanks to the option of working remotely, people have got to live at their places. It is observed that people are leaving metro cities to places with low cost of living facilities.

Here is a list of states that people are moving away from in 2021:

New Jersey

The high cost of living and steep economy are two major factors that are leading people to go out of this place as they have the facility of working from home. People are done commuting to their offices in Manhattan and they are looking for a peaceful place to spend their time till they have a remote working facility.


Cost of living is a concern for people in Connecticut too. As they do not have to commute to their offices in New York City, they are taking advantage of the time and moving out to have a little more relaxing lifestyle. This work-from-home lifestyle has changed lives and people have the opportunity to live anywhere they want. By moving to a countryside area, people do not only save money but also get to live a peaceful and open lifestyle.

New York

High taxes and even higher cost of living makes New York the least favourite area for people in 2021 especially when they have the leverage of working remotely.  Areas like Manhattan and Brooklyn are seeing a high departure of people in recent times. As they realized the need for fresh air after the pandemic hit hard many of them decided to move out of the crowd of the city and chose to live in a calm and open place.


People in Boston are showing great interest in relocating to countryside areas due to the high cost of living and facility of working from home. Though Massachusetts is a beautiful place, people are moving out either to be with their family or to live a peaceful life in a suburban or rural area.


California is another state that people are moving away from. The state has seen a boom in its population with the emergence of Silicon Valley and Hollywood. It’s extremely high cost of living and high taxes make the city very expensive to live and that becomes the major cause for people to leave the place after this pandemic. The figures are showing that the moving trend in California is not stopping soon.


Louisiana is seeing a fall in population and a rise in interstate relocation due to its poor economy and low-income levels. Even long-time residents are leaving the state after the Covid-19 hit.


Many of Michigan’s large employers have shut down and this has led to unemployment in the state. And these are the main reasons for people to leave the state during the pandemic. Low wages are another factor that is leading people to relocate.


As per the best out of state movers associated with Moving Feedback, people are relocating from Kansas even after enough space and an affordable lifestyle. There are not many well-paying jobs in the state so people are moving to places with better job opportunities.

Now, the following is a list of states that have seen the highest number of people moving to them:

Idaho, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Maine, Alabama, New Mexico, District of Columbia, Nevada, and Alaska are some of the states that have seen a high rise in its population as people have moved from various states to these states in search of a new and healthy lifestyle.

  • Idaho has a very promising job market with a low cost of living and these two are enough reasons for people to get attracted to the state. Idaho has good education facilities and a safe place for your kids.
  • Oregon is best known for its IT industry that is offering several job opportunities. Its natural beauty adds to the reasons for all inbound relocations.
  • South Carolina is one of the highest inbound relocation states in the year 2021 and people have got attracted to the state its low cost of living and good weather.
  • South Dakota has seen a surge in its population after the pandemic and the credit for this great inbound move goes to the natural and scenic beauty of the place. People who have the facility of working from home would love to move to South Dakota as there are not many job opportunities in the state.

Core reasons why people are moving out:

Relocation is something that everyone experiences in their life once or may be more. There are endless reasons why one has to move to a new state. While sometimes it is a forced decision, there are times when people choose to move on their own accord. Some of the prominent reasons to move to a new state in 2021 stands:

  • For a better job opportunity: Yes, a wide range of people move because they are in search of a better paying job or a job with more job satisfaction.
  • Better opportunity for kids: Not all states in the US have the same education and development opportunities. When your kids become of a considerable age, they need better opportunities to explore and grow together. Parents choose to move to states where there are better schools and colleges.
  • For a fresh start: Most of the time, people move to a new state because they want to move on from something. Whether it is a loss, a rough patch in life or something that you want to move on from, moving is a great refuge.

If you are planning to relocate, we have offered you the best list to choose the right state for your new phase of life.


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