Unusual Spring Break Destinations For Families

Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a great opportunity to discover new and exciting places both in your home and abroad. But if you have not yet decided where to go and how best to organize a bright and unforgettable vacation at the end of March, then perhaps your small selection of spring destinations for traveling with a child during school holidays will help you make a choice.

There are many places around the world to explore but the thing is that we have only a few days to make vacations. If you have stuck in this situation to find out the unusual spring break destinations for families then you need to check this given list.


A vacation in March is a great time to explore the history, culture, and leisurely sightseeing of Budapest. Although the temperature is above zero, it gets warmer every day. True, it rains at this time, as in other European countries. 

Every year most people decide to explore this destination with their family members. You are planning this year to explore this place then book your Interjet Airlines Reservations and visit Hungary.

Czech Republic

You can go with your children to the Czech Republic. At the end of March, the approach of spring is already felt in Prague. The weather is improving, the air is warming up, exceeding the +10 ° C mark. Although there are often strong winds and high humidity but the amazing collections of places given a wonderful experience.


There are many great places to relax and have fun with children in Italy. For example, if you want to show children the whole country without changing the city, like pictures in a kaleidoscope, you can go to Rimini to the “Italy in Miniature” park with 270 reduced copies of famous landmarks.


In early spring, you can go to the colorful and warm Seville the capital of Andalusia with the impressive Seville Cathedral, the Royal Alcazar (a complex of architectural palace buildings of different times surrounded by gardens), the Museum of Fine Arts, and flamenco shows. You need to require a number of days to explore this wonderful destination due to a large number of amazing places list. 


Any large city in Germany is suitable for a family vacation during spring break: everywhere you can go on exciting excursions, see famous sights. In March, the thermometer is steadily creeping up, the air warms up to +7 ° C. Although it is often rainy and windy so you can enjoy the weather in the Springtime.


In March, you can go on an educational tour to Amsterdam: there are many museums, exhibitions, architectural monuments. The arrival of spring is already felt on the streets of the city, although the air temperature has not yet reached + 10 ° C and is rather cloudy. This is really a nice place during the Spring vacation time because you will not face the heat and humidity here.


Turkey is a destination that is always popular among tourists. School holidays will be enough to visit, for example, spring Istanbul a mysterious city where Asian and European cultures are intricately intertwined. 

At the time of Spring here you can easily explore the different places due to the good environment. Turkey journal very hot country as compare to other places in this list so you can not explore this palace in at summertime.


Spring break is a great time for sightseeing in these amazing destinations. There are many visitors who come on this season to watch this beautiful sightseeing in this destination. Daytime temperatures are already above +20 ° C, although wind and rain are frequent. 

If you are planning to explore Israel in the springtime you news to carry an umbrella, rain chitter, and other things that will help you to save you and your things from the water drops.


By the spring school holidays, children are usually very tired of the long and cold winter and would probably be happy to bask in the hot sun and relax by the sea. So, for a family vacation in the Maldives, you can consider one of the Maldives hotels, located on a small island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, 170 kilometers from the capital of the Maldives, Male. Young guests of the hotel will enjoy cheerful animation and contests, incredible entertainment, a wonderful beach that stretches around the island, and the kids club.


You can swim in Thai resorts all year round. Water and air at the end of March warm up to +30 ° C. A lot of entertainment, colorful shows, acquaintance with local fauna and flora, the study of tropical fish and animals await curious young tourists in Thailand. From the different destinations, many airlines provide air services for the tourist you need to choose the best one. You are looking for a budget-friendly flight then book your ticket with Aerolinea Volaris En Español to start your journey.

Baltic countries

Vilnius is a city of museums and unique architecture, where tourists like to come with children. And with the Vilnius City Card, you can get to know the city better, see more attractions and visit 135 different places (museums, events, parks, restaurants, and shops) at a discount.


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