Understanding The Top Five Myths Concerning Scoliosis

The spine in your body is the structure responsible for providing central support. Different parts of the musculoskeletal system are interconnected to ensure that the spine functions appropriately. For example, the natural curves within the spine absorb shock in case of impact and safeguard the spine from injuries. A healthy spine helps you to conduct everyday activities such as walking, sitting, and bending. Sometimes your spine can develop scoliosis Spring Valley due to side curvature, which can cause difficulties in breathing, thus necessitating immediate treatment. Let us go through the following debunked myths to understand scoliosis.

Scoliosis only affects children

The fact that this condition is common in children does not mean that you cannot get scoliosis when you grow old. People aged sixty and above can also suffer from spine curvature and degeneration due to the wear and tear on their backbone discs. Also, the changes in the bone density in older people can cause the onset of scoliosis, which usually triggers back pain.

Bracing is out of date and cannot treat the scoliosis

The mention of scoliosis can make you think of the ancient metal braces that people used to wear on the neck in the 50s. Therefore, you may end up concluding that the back braces for scoliosis are ineffective in treating spine curvature. However, the specialist has incorporated modern designs in making the back braces using thermoplastic materials which easily conceal upon clothing. The modern braces have also shown success in moderating the severity of spine curvature.

Scoliosis is not painful

Adolescent scoliosis often goes undiagnosed in most cases since the condition is pain-free at first. However, with time, the victims start to have pain due to the biomechanical stress in the soft tissues such as tendons and joints neighboring the curves. Also, many adults with scoliosis often feel pain due to the compression of the nerves arising from the degenerative changes. Specialists, however, use physical therapies and other conservative treatments to suppress scoliosis-related pain.

Exercises cannot improve scoliosis

Many claims that physical exercises cannot ease the symptoms of scoliosis because it is a structural condition. The reality is that this condition has a flexible component alongside the structural element. Individuals should therefore engage in exercises that increase the spine’s flexibility to reduce the risk of getting scoliosis.

Scoliosis can make women barren

Some people might have heard that spine curvature among women can hinder their fertility. The truth is that scoliosis cannot threaten childbearing among women suffering from this condition. You will have the usual conception if you have this condition, and there are no predetermined chances of miscarriages whenever you are pregnant.

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