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You may be wondering why this headline today: What has happened to you, Esther? Why this delusion? Let me tell you … because just like you, this has happened to you at some time: I woke up at 08.30 A.M. With all my intention of having breakfast and getting down to work with a new post. All determined I have opened the computer and nothing, absolute procrastination … there has been no way to write a single word. Tired of thinking about it, I disconnected and went to do other things. So I have gone for a walk and I have come successful. Finally, I have allied myself with the cause to investigate the subject and as a result, I bring you this Content in case this happens to you too.

If you can’t beat the blank page syndrome, join in.

How did I do it?

I have been investigating a little especially in comments of other blogs, forums, and social networks to see if this problem was common among professionals in our sector.

Writers, Bloggers, Infoproducers, Content Creators, Artists, Creatives, … Yes, it is quite common among people who are dedicated to creating content and the “fear” of blocking is also general.A little ‘light’ theory

If we go to the definition of Creativity we find:

Ability to create new ideas and develop them.

Generation of new ideas, concepts, or associations of ideas/concepts that produce original solutions. And to the definition of the Creative Process, we find: Set of thinking methods in which it is possible to obtain different solutions to a given problem by applying creativity and the generation of ideas.

Applying Creativity Consists of Three Phases:

> Analysis

Where we should raise the problem or issue and the causes

> Generation of ideas

It is about using the necessary tools to find the maximum number of related ideas possible

> Selection

Where we will analyze the results and choose the best ideas.

Techniques to get the creativity going

Creative search:

Take some time to do a search for information and content on the topic you want to write about.

Strolling through other blogs, forums on your topic, Facebook groups and Google searches, will help you take note of ideas and key points to develop in your content.

Creative Immersion:

Reading magazines, books often, listening to music, looking at pictures and photos, and going to cultural events and art galleries from time to time, will set your mind in a creative attitude.

This will help you come up with ideas and have more inspiration and ability when writing content, creating images, etc.

Also having space where you can be quiet and alone to concentrate will help you create a climate of creativity and improve your productivity and better shape your ideas.

This technique consists of being fully concentrated within a specific time and place that allows you to create, inspire and remain “in a state of flow” to generate your content.\

Creative Design:

Now if you are writing content so the people’s not only like to read. They like to watch videos or photos also so add some creative posters or a small video. If you do this, people will stay on your page and they would like to read your content. If you do not know about the design you can see poster design ideas, it will help you a lot.


Doing a brainstorming or brainstorming activity will help you find multiple solutions to a problem. Likewise, if you raise a topic and do this exercise, new ideas will surely emerge. It is about writing a topic or problem and from there, take note of everything that comes to mind about it. Although I use an idea map app to do this in which you write the topic you want to deal with in the central circle and from there, you create new circles at different levels with related ideas. It is very useful and very visual. Once you have a list of ideas, review them and choose or combine the ones that seem best to you.

Moliere Technique:

Asking the opinion of other people or asking them to make a comment on the topic you want to write about will help you formulate new ideas and solutions that you can later have and manage from points of view other than yours.

Automatic writing:

In this case, it is about trying to write automatically, everything that comes to mind at the moment on a defined topic, and then sorts and filters what you have written to create a new composition.


Change the subject or activity:

If you don’t get a single word on that topic, why don’t you try to choose another idea and start from scratch by totally changing what you planned? If you are still not very willing to write today, change your activity. Use your time to do other things. The mind will be unblocked and you will surely feel more comfortable and eliminate that stress.

Create a story:

If you can’t think of anything to write a bit, create a story. It can be about you, about something that happened to you, an experience, or from a situation and it begins to develop. You will see how then everything flows and you end up writing some interesting content that connects with your audience.

Choose ideas from your content map:

If you don’t have a content map yet, start creating it now. The content map can be done with Excel, with applications, or in your agenda. The point is that you create a structured template with the categories that you usually write about and write down in each one of them all the different ideas and themes that come to mind.

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