Types of Transport Accident Claims

Vehicles tend to get into accidents often. Property damage also follows a transport accident. Such damage can either be on or off road. Transport accident claim or a TAC cover is an insurance claim that you can make if you get injured in a transport accident.

Even though the vehicles now have more features and equipped with developed technology, costs of an accident can come in different angles as property damage and injured parties. Here are some types of TAC covers and how to avoid them.

Vehicle Collisions

Most common type of transportation claims which arises from vehicle collisions. Collisions can happen when vehicles are moving as well as while they are parked somewhere. Collisions can happen in different ways like reversing into vehicles or property, sideswiping and rear-ending. Whatever the reason is, it is never a good experience. The process of a TAC claim following a transport accident will be complicated and therefore, it is better to do your best to avoid such accidents.


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To prevent accident like this you can take precautions like following the minimum recommended distance between vehicles, equip with disc brakes to reduce stopping time in large vehicles, using advanced collision avoidance systems or installing high-tech lighting to avoid such accidents.

Vehicle Rollovers

Apart from collisions, vehicle rollovers can happen mostly due to high speed and fatigue. Insurance companies will question you regarding how the accident happened. They might try to find fault with your side to avoid allowing insurance claim. There are chances that you might end up with nothing.

So if you feel sleepy or drowsy due to fatigue often, you can try your best to avoid it for yours and others’ safety. You can take breaks while driving long distances, avoid high sugary foods while driving, and avoid medications that make you drowsy as a side effect.

Animal Strikes

You can experience animal crossing when you drive in highways. This can lead to many accidents and trauma along with some serious damages to your vehicle as well. However, there are things you can do to avoid these accidents. Maintain safety speed, pay attention to animal crossing signs, be extra cautious during dawn and night and always keep your eyes on the road.

Public Transport Accidents

This is another common type of transport accident claim. These accidents can happen when you are travelling using public transport means such as bus, train, subway or taxi. You are entitled to feel safe while using public transportation, however, accidents are caused often due to reasons such as negligent driving of bus or taxi drivers, poor conditions of public vehicles and inadequate safety measures on train platforms.

Public transportation accident claims are also mainly based on negligence and are instituted against the relevant public transportation company which is the state or a municipal agency.

Apart from public transport accidents which are mostly out of your control, you should make sure to take all necessary precautions in order to prevent other transport accident claims which are easier than following the lengthy process of claiming compensation for the damages.


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