Types of CFO Services -Explained!

A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is a licensed professional who manages a company’s finances. A CFO will balance the company’s financial management using different strategies and plans.  

Moreover, a business can focus on providing the best quality products and services to people using several CFO services. To manage your company’s financial data and statistics, hire a CFO at Lake Mary, FL CPA to have a systematic financial agent of your company. 

Various types of CFO services are available; depending on your business’s requirements, you can hire a CFO accordingly. 

Types of CFO services

  • Virtual CFO services

While most services a virtual CFO provides are similar to a real-life CFO, the only difference is they are not physically present with you. They offer remote services and are also more cost-effective to hire than a full-time CFO. 

The company can save a lot of money by hiring a virtual CFO instead of a full-time one, as it won’t have to provide expenses like stays and travel for the CFO. A virtual CFO is best for companies with a small budget or businesses that have just started their journey. 

  • Interim CFO

An interim CFO is a highly professional individual with exceptional skills in financial management. They provide financial strategies, analyze the company’s financial status, and then inhibit creative ideas for the company’s betterment in the future.

An interim CFO is different from regular CFOs in that thy join a business company or industry for a temporary period, typically when the full-time CFO is fired. They are needed for the company’s present so that it does not experience any setbacks. 

  • Outsourced CFO services

An outsourced CFO will provide you with all the necessary services of a regular CFO, but unlike the full-time CFO, they do not work in your company long-term. They only work for a certain period, mainly on a contract basis. They provide strategies and analysis for a particular project or part-time basis. 

  • Part-time CFO services 

Due to the vacancy of CFO services, companies have an increasing demand for them all over the country. However, these CFO services cannot be available all the time. So it is best to hire a part tie CFO as it is suitable for the company’s financial management and costing. 

Partime CFOs have all the quaites of a regular or full time CFO. However, unlike full-time CFO, they do not charge every month; instead, they charge according to the hours they work.  


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