Treating Depression with Spravato

Depression affects about 264 million people causing disability, affecting lives, and even leading to loss of lives. Seeking treatment can help lower the effects of mental disease and save lives. Most people do not receive the proper medical care for depression due to a lack of access to medical care or unawareness. There are various techniques for treating depression, depending on its effects on your health. The Spravato Atlanta specialist Bryon K. Evans leads his team in providing exceptional care for depression to help save lives. Keep reading to learn about how Spravato works.

What is Spravato?

It is a nasal spray that has esketamine. Esketamine medication provides an effective treatment for specific types of depression. Spravato helps you experience relief from depression symptoms in 24 hours, while some people may see some changes fours after taking their first dose.

Your provider also recommends combining antidepressants with Spravato for better results.

After spraying the Spravato into your nose, the tissues on your nose lining take in the medication allowing it to travel into your bloodstream to the brain. It enhances a balance in your brain chemicals, boosting your mood.

Who is the right candidate for Spravato?

Spravato is FDA-approved for patients with the following.

Treatment-resistant depression

It happens when your symptoms do not get better even after taking antidepressant medications. However, before you get to this point, you must take the proper dose and give the medications adequate time to take effect.

Major depressive disorder with suicidal thoughts or behaviors

The following may indicate you have a major depressive disorder.

  •         Eating less or more than usual
  •         Feeling sad, worthless or hopeless
  •         Feeling fatigued or drained
  •         Difficulty concentrating
  •         Sleeping more or less than normal
  •         Loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy
  •         Withdraw from friends and family
  •         Feeling irritable, anxious, and angry
  •         Recurrent thoughts of harming or killing yourself

Having suicidal thoughts is among the most critical symptom of having Spravato.

How to get Spravato?

You need to schedule your consultation with Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta. During your appointment, your provider evaluates your health and discusses your previous treatments for depression.

Your provider may first prescribe antidepressants based on your previous treatments. Usually, they suggest Spravato if they rule out you have treatment-resistant depression or suicidal thoughts.

Spravato is an effective treatment for most people. However, the treatment is not ideal for people with blood vessel issues or allergic to esketamine.

What to expect during the Spravato treatment?

The treatment is given at your health provider’s office. Usually, after spraying Spravato into your nose, you then relax as your provider watches you closely for about two hours.

The team looks out for possible side effects, including anxiety, dizziness, sleepiness, blood pressure changes, and nausea. The treatment also leads to dissociation, where you feel disconnected from time or thoughts and feelings.

After the treatment, have someone drive you home. You also need to have a rest for the entire day or stay away from activities that require mental alertness.

If you have depression that cannot improve despite trying depression treatments, try out Spravato. Call the Physicians Consultants of Atlanta today to schedule your consultation.


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