Top Selling Pret Wear Summer Suit for Men

The concept of ready to wear dresses has greatly shifted the consumer’s demand from unstitched collections to pret wear dresses over the years. The sole reason that makes ready-to-wear clothing a top-selling item is due to the convenience of buying clothes and wearing them without any hassle of selecting the material, matching accessories, stitching by tailor etc. On the other hand, unstitched has its perks, i.e. custom designing which pret wear does not offer. Ready to wear also has fixed sizes, whereas unstitched clothes have the option of getting clothes ready as per your required size and fitting. Saying so, men and women both are very particular about their dressing, be it eastern or western dressing. So let’s explore what options men have right now for pret wear in the summer season.

Where to go?

What places do come to one’s mind when you have to go for buying clothes? There are numerous options of men brands in Pakistan for buying stitched shalwar kameez suits, such as Dynasty Fabrics, Pasha Fabrics, Gul Ahmad, Khaadi, Sapphire, etc. You may also refer to local vendors who are offering some great quality just like these famous brands have to offer but at a slightly cheaper rate. So it’s completely one’s preference where to purchase and what to purchase. However, local vendors have plenty of collections of unstitched clothe mostly.

What material to buy?

Talking about online dresses shopping, it becomes a little risky for first time online shoppers, as they need to learn a few buying tricks for the online shopping platform such as reviews, feedbacks, likes, etc. on the other hand, going physically to the shop and accessing the fabric yourself is always the first-class experience. So again, it’s all about what you prefer and finds convenient for you. However, both online shopping and physical store shopping are doing well. Fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, lawn, cotton, raw silk, latha, and blends are usually the top sellers in the summer season.

All the more Egyptian cotton kurtas!

Egyptian cotton kurtas are the in thing in summers. The local market as well as several men clothing brands in Pakistan are filled with a variety of unstitched fabric for kurtas, pajamas and shalwar kameez suits such as Egyptian Cotton, Cotton, Lawn, wash n wear fabric, Raw Silk, Boski, Latha, Cotton blends etc. But when you are on a tight budget and getting summer clothes for men becomes a little too important then cotton or Egyptian cotton should be the first choice.

What makes this the first choice for men is that this fabric is made of exclusively hand-picked cotton directly from the fields. The important thing to consider while buying this fabric is that it should be pure and not a mixture of certain fabrics and threads. Pure cotton always feels light to wear and is breathable, making it just the perfect material for a suit. It’s the most sought-after fabric for all age groups due to its soft feel and durability after repeated washing cycles and is available everywhere in the summer collection 2021.

A little bit of embroidery

Embroidery work and patches in not only meant for women and kids only but for men too. So why just wear plain old boring suits, when you can also drape yourself in self-embroidered outfits to bring out the life in your outfits. Desi attire looks highly stylish and trendy when the base material is a self-embroidered fabric. And nothing fits best other than cotton, Egyptian cotton or wash n wear fabric. As these threads of these fabrics mentioned afore are more skin-friendly and breathable and add with added embroidery the entire look of the clothes is glamorized.

Such articles are also available to shop via online dresses shopping at various brand’s website and WhatsApp numbers as well now.

Wash n wear fabric for comfort

Pret wear and wash n wear fabric when combined is just another term for comfort and convenience. Firstly because you don’t have to run from shop to shop to select the clothing fabric, and then get it stitched by your tailor, secondly the fabric is ultra-comfortable to wear and has a soft feel.

If you have been looking for a low maintenance clothing material for your summer kurta Pyjama then no look no more than the wash n wear fabric. This cloth is readily available in the market, with the local vendors and men brands in Pakistan. The best thing about this is that after washing the stitched or whether unstitched clothes of this material, you require very little or at times no ironing at all. The fabric is so smooth and has a linen-like feel, which is why it is also regarded as a low-maintenance piece of fabric.


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