Top Listed Packaging Companies in New York

Listed Packaging Companies in New York

Different brands are working in other parts of the world and providing services wherever possible. Whether a person is running a small business or a large business, the two centers of concerns for any business is:

  • The quality of their product.
  • The classy packaging of the product can enhance the beauty of that good.

All the businesses either it is a grocery store, a makeup brand, jewelry brand, perfume company, shoes or clothes shop. Every company required good packaging for their excellent production. The three types of packaging material are mostly used in the market. Because of their durability, decomposability, recyclability, and reusability.

  • Cardboard packaging
  • Kraft board boxes
  • Paperboard packaging

All these packaging materials are preferable in their way. It depends on the brand and product what type of packaging will be suitable. So, in this article, you will know the Top Listed Packaging Companies in New York.

QNY Creative:

QNY creative is a packaging company founded in 2008, 10 to 49 employees are working in this agency to produce cardboard packaging for various brands selling luxury goods to the public. They print nice graphics on the packaging with the help of various printing techniques like:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • UV printing

All these printing techniques have their own charm and can add value to these solid boxes. The most famous project of this company that leads it towards success was with hot sauce company. This QNY brand not only makes an attractive packaging for them besides this, but they also renew their logo for the brand development of that hot sauce company.

Prime Studio:

It is one of the packaging companies in New York that was started in 1998. This brand consists of 10 to 49 employees who are engaged in product designing and packaging. The notable work of prime studio was it produces men’s care products and makes its unique packaging that increases sales of the brand. They printed the firm’s logo on these boxes; hence it provided the ground of product branding as well. Contrary to this, the packaging boxes produced by this brand are affordable for maximum people or industries.

Brand Opus:

It was founded in 2007, and now it has 50 to 249 employees working together to achieve the organization’s goal. All these workers are so creative in terms of designing custom packaging and are passionate about achieving something big in their life. This brand always tries to bring a new type of printing design on the boxes every year to impress the audience. An herb and spice producer hired this brand for innovating their old packaging, and it was the most notable project of this Brand Opus.

Noise 13:

Noise 13 is one of the packaging companies near me that was established in 2000, and this organization consists of approximately 200 employees. This brand creates packaging for both large and small brands so that everyone gets a chance to progress. The aesthetic designs created by these brands develop an emotional, lively, and friendly relationship between any particular brand and its customers. Resultantly such a good connection can lead to that brand’s growth. And this is the reason that Noise 13 comes on the list of top packaging companies.

City State Creative:

It is an organization of 10 employees, and it was started in 2004. This brand not only makes packaging for various products but also provides marketing services to its customers. Their digital designs for custom packaging are famous all over the world. The companies who can afford the boxes of City state creative should give them a try because they never let down their clients and fulfill their needs and expectations.

Moloko Creative LLC:

Moloko creative was founded in 2014, and its team consists of less than 50 workers. These packaging companies in New York not only design packaging but also design logos for any brand. Since 2016 this Moloko Creative is also providing other services like the advertisement of any brand, video recording, and animated promotion of any brand. But mainly, the logo that is the identity of any brand should be beautiful, and this brand works on designing a captivating logo of any brand that goes well with the packaging and make the public fall for these boxes at the very first sight.

Milk BULL creative:

Milk and bull creative was established in 2020 in Westchester, New York. The team of employees consists of 10 expert workers who make solid packaging made of cardboard that any organization can use freely without hesitation to deliver all types of products, heavy goods, lightweight items, small or large size products. Whatever product is packed in these boxes is safely delivered to the customers. Besides this, the employees are experts in graphic designing it means not only flexible yet classy and soap boxes are produced by milk and bull creative. This organization is a real example for those organizations who want to rule the market and achieve their dreams. Time is real money, and this brand utilized its time correctly, and ultimately, they make their mark in the competitive market in less time.


Suva Inc is yet the other packaging company near me. It was started in 2002 and had less than ten professionals enough to run this top trending packaging industry. This brand helps small organizations to grab their boxes in bulk quantity at a reasonable price. The brand has to instruct them properly, then Suva Inc. can make packing according to their imagination but with their twists and creative ideas. This twist is the layout or design that tells your brand’s storyline and tries to build a loyal and trustworthy relationship between that brand and its clients.

Bartley & Dick Brand Communications:

Bartley and Dick’s brand is also the top brand in New York, and it is a team of more than ten employees. They provide branding and marketing services to their clients. Contrary to this, they make visuals that look appealing to human eyes and quickly grab the attention of many customers.


All these brands mentioned above are top-class packaging companies in New York. They provide the best services to clients and try to make them happy. The more satisfied the customers are, the better your company will create in the market.


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