Top Freelancing Options for College Students

The pandemic situation made a majority of the population work remotely. Hence the upraising number of bloggers, vloggers, and small-scale local businesses. You have the flexibility to schedule your availability, manage your workload, and most importantly, make yourself self-dependent.

Freelancing is a lucrative option for all college students. Student life is really expensive. There are personal expenses, tuition fees, and multiple loans to pay off. The factors just keep on elevating, if you are an international student. But choosing to freelance helps you to learn to manage your time well, lets you make a living from your hobby, and introduces you to the professional world. You can work from your home or can earn by traveling places, whichever you prefer.

Reasons all students should take up freelancing

  • As mentioned earlier, unlike a 9-5 job, you can manage the hours according to your convenience.
  • It is a means of extra income. You take charge of your little and big college expenses, and it can also get you funds for higher education.
  • It gives you exposure to the competing world and new opportunities.
  • No boss to burden you and no office politics.
  • You get the privilege to choose from the available projects.
  • You get paid for overtime.
  • It will not hinder your studies; you can carry on by giving equal importance.
  • Freelancing will develop your entrepreneurial skills and confidence.

Best freelancing jobs to augment your resume

“Empty mind is devil’s workshop.” So, instead of just procrastinating, sitting idle, or sleeping in your filler times, get into some monetary activity to ease and secure your career.

Photography and videography

Skillful people might already own to good camera or even mobile phones with great lenses. Display your skills online and greet clients. There are plenty of events to shoot – model portfolios, weddings, concerts, school and college events, promotional shoots, etc.

Website developing

Even local businesses have their online presence. If you have the correct set of skills, then you can pursue programming and developing websites, software, and mobile apps.


If you like to write a diary, then just stop right there! If you have ideas, opinions, and good command of English, then start blogging. Write interesting and impressive content and drive traffic for lead generation.


According to a study from ManagementPaper, plenty of vloggers turned into influencers during the COVID years and till now they are working successfully. TikTok and YouTube are the best platforms to start. If you are good with researching, talking, expressing, and video editing, then you can earn the most from making videos.

Creative or academic writing

You can write articles, stories, poems, assignments, scripts, or help with a research paper, by either starting a blog, work as a part-time employee, or in online freelancing portals. Even copywriting is an option.

Video editing

Whether a programming student or not, anyone can become a video editor. With numerous editing software available in the market, you can learn its use by following various tutorials.

Tourist guide

If you are born and brought up and are residing in the same place you might know the corners of your city. This is the best option for students who love to travel.


Best for international students because they are usually bilingual or multi-lingual.


You can offer online tutoring or teach your juniors. With the growing number of online learning platforms, there is a good rise in tutoring vacancies.

Graphic designing

Design presentations, social media posts, company logos, promotional banners, etc. Again, you have a number of software and tools available on the internet. For example, use the Canva tool.

Pet-sitting or babysitting

It can either be the most fun or the most annoying of the jobs. With locals out for their duties, you can take care of their minors and the pets of your neighborhood. This can help increase your networks and develop confidence and communication.

Social media marketing

Digital marketing opportunities are boosting since a couple of years. Almost every company and business around you want to participate in the online game. If you know the correct strategy and have the relevant knowledge then you will be knocked with opportunities.

Some other freelancing alternatives are opening a start-up, audio transcripting, voiceover jobs, proofreading, landscaping, online surveyor, video captioning, data entry job, etc.


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