Top Benefits of Dental Implants

Even with a practical dental care regimen, you can lose a tooth, such as due to an accident. For years, the only options you had were dentures and bridges. Today, you get a more innovative and effective solution in dental implants. Beverly Hills dental implants results in natural acting, looking, and feeling replacement, delivering many advantages you would not get with bridges or dentures. Among the notable benefits the dental implants deliver includes:

Bone loss prevention

The jawbone gets stimulated when your teeth connect, helping to maintain bone mass. After losing a tooth, there is an empty space on the jaw. The jaw bone in this space starts to deteriorate since there is no stimulation. Options such as dentures could worsen the situation, especially when they get loose. Apart from affecting stimulation, the loose denture could also rub against the bony ridge, wearing it away over time. Dental implants replace the roots and the tooth, restoring normal chewing, and providing the needed stimulation. It promotes bone growth, helping you maintain a healthy and strong jawbone.

Maintain your facial structure

Did you know that your teeth support your facial structure? The missing tooth and the resulting bone loss can change the shape of your face. You will notice skin sagging, thinning lips, a pointed chin, more wrinkles around the mouth, among other aging signs, especially on the lower third of your face. This happens since the support is affected. Dental implants restore your natural teeth’ support, preventing the facial structure from such changes.

Keep adjacent teeth stable

After losing a tooth, your bite force is affected. This is since the adjacent tooth starts to shift towards the gap. The teeth are pulled out of position, resulting in a crooked shift that impacts your bite and chewing, which can also extend to your looks. Poor bite could cause those frequent headaches and pain, especially as it could lead to problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Dental implants will restore your bite force and keep the adjacent teeth stable since the gap is filled.

Improved oral health

Caring for dental implants is easy. They are made from strong materials that will not decay, making it easier to avoid concerns like cavities. Also, you will keep issues like gum disease at bay. Filling the gap means no space that can trap bacteria and food. This makes it easier to clean your teeth, avoiding health concerns.

Natural looks

Dental implants look like your natural teeth. You can hardly tell them apart, especially as you will work with the dentist to ensure the implants resemble the surrounding teeth and perfectly fit in the gap. This restores your natural look. Since you will not be concerned by frustrations like slippage, you get to boost your confidence, allowing you to smile broadly.

If you are looking for a lifetime solution to your missing tooth, dental implants are the go-to. The process is not overwhelming. The best dentist will hold your hand throughout the process and, after implanting, provide valuable information to help you care better for your teeth. Consult Sean S Pierce, DDS, to learn more about dental implants.


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