Top 8 Wholesale Scarf Suppliers in the USA

The scarf is the kind of apparel accessory that has been used since ancient times. It is a piece of cloth that wraps around the neck or head for several reasons. It provides protection against severe weather conditions like cold, hot sun rays, or dust.

Both men and women wear scarves with different designs. In this time of pandemic people also wear protective scarf masks that not only provide protection but also look stylish. And women are experts to style up a scarf with a dress and easily make it a fashion statement.

Some people also wear scarves as a religious obligation. For all these reasons, there is a steady demand for scarves in the market.

This writing piece is for the help of those people who want to know about scarf wholesalers in the USA.

Whether they want to buy for business purposes or for their personal use, they can choose a suitable option from the following mention list.

  • Buy Wise                                                                                                                                                                                 

 Buy Wise is a place for those who want to buy different accessories in bulk. They have a huge variety of women’s scarves. They also have scarves that can be used as masks.The amazing thing about Buy Wise is that they provide 25 to 75% off on trendy products. They provide shipping of orders within 3-5 business days if the products are available in stock. A new and stylish range of scarves is accessible on Buy Wise.

  • HandBag Fashion 

HandBag Fashion is a wholesale website for women’s accessories. It includes a versatile range of bags, shoes, jewelry, and apparel items. They have a beautiful range of recent design scarves in apparel products. By ordering on the handbag Fashion website, you can get the products on the same day or a maximum of 1 or 2 days. They provide different discount offers for various bulk quantities.

  • H&D Fashion Accessories 

H&D Fashion Accessories deals in women’s accessories not only within the country but also involves imports and exports. If you are searching for the most recent designs for scarves, no option can be better than H&D Fashion accessories.

They add from time to time new and recent articles in their catalog and also provide sale offers on various products.

  • In Style Fashion Accessories

In style, Fashion accessories have an experience of 20 years for providing the retailers with stylish and affordable accessories. lThey deal in pashminas, kimonos, scarves, capes, jackets, and others. As a wholesaler, they have a minimum order limit of 12 pieces.

So, retailers can easily get stylish and recent designs of scarves from their websites.

  • NY

If you are looking for a versatile range of wholesale scarves for all seasons, NY is the best option. They deal in all types of accessories for both men and women. And also have a complete range of headscarves and neck scarves.

  • Ole Accessories 

Ole Accessories is an online website for retailers or resellers of women’s accessories. On their website, retailers can find anything that is a hot trend.

They have every style and design of scarf.  These can be styled with dresses to attend any type of event. They need a TID or reseller permit if necessary to get registered on their website.

  • Secret Scarves 

Secret Scarves only deals in women’s scarves, unlike the other business. The owner of the Secret Scarves business is Tracy Allen. She personally realized the importance of a scarf.

There are beautiful designs of the scarf available there.

  • Tasha Apparel

Tasha apparel has been serving fashion retailers for 12 years as they launched the business in 2005. Then they facilitate their customers with an online website that makes the buying and selling process easy in the whole world.

They have a complete range of women’s scarves including other accessories. All the products are at very reasonable prices further they provide off sale on different occasions.


Although the above-mentioned options are good to buy wholesale scarves for the business. Before selecting any final option, we suggest browsing online wholesale marketplaces.

The online wholesale marketplace will give more options and the retailers can select the most affordable option for the business.

Your opinion is also important. After reading this article what is your point of view? Which one is the best option? Mention in the comment section we missed it in the above list.



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