Top 8 Romantic Birthday Gifts to Celebrate the Love of Your Life in 2021

Romantic Birthday Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect romantic birthday gift for a special someone in your life?

Whether this is a new relationship or you’ve been together for ages, it’s always nice to receive a gift that someone has clearly put thought into. Romantic birthday gifts are almost always winners.

But how can you choose the right gift for your partner? It’s nice in theory to have romantic gifts, but in reality, gift hunting is stressful! There are so many options that it’s hard to narrow them down.

We’re here to offer some advice. Regardless of your partner’s interests, at least one of these gifts will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Keep reading for our list of the best birthday gifts for your partner.

1. Flowers

Flowers are classic when it comes to romantic gifts. Who doesn’t love getting a surprise flower arrangement from a loved one? Regardless of your partner’s gender or interests, flowers are a safe choice.

You could buy flowers from a professional flower delivery service, like FTD Flowers Delivery. When you do this, you pick the flowers that you think your partner will like best and choose where they’re going to go.

You can have the flowers delivered to your home if you want, or you can send them to your partner’s workplace for a special surprise that will make them the envy of the office.

If you’re worried about the implications of your flowers dying, consider making time to start a craft project together. You can dry flowers and put them into shadowboxes for a decorative gift that will last a long time.

2. Jewelry

Most people love a sparkly gift from a jewelry store. While not everyone will be interested in wearing jewelry, you know your partner best. Don’t assume that your partner won’t like jewelry based on their gender alone.

There are jewelry types for everyone. If your partner already wears jewelry, do your best to match their style. For example, some people prefer certain metal colors or gemstones.

3. Desserts

No one has ever complained about an edible gift.

There are a few ways that you can go about offering desserts to your partner. First (and most affordably), you can try your hand at making your own gourmet birthday cake.

Baking isn’t always easy, but gather nice ingredients and follow a recipe to make an impressive dessert.

You could also order deserts from a fancy restaurant or from a delivery service. Consider a fruit arrangement, like chocolate-covered strawberries or mixed fruit bouquets.

4. A Fancy Dinner

Speaking of edible gifts, why not take your partner to a fancy restaurant for their special day?

Take a look at local restaurants that are a bit too expensive for your normal outings. Keep your partner’s tastes in mind, though, as they may not be interested in super fancy food.

Make sure to find a place that can work with any dietary restrictions that your partner has. When you’re going to a fancy and popular restaurant, it’s helpful to make a reservation so you know that you have a table.

5. A Relaxation Day

Does your partner do a lot of work around the house?

Relationships should always be equal as far as housework goes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pitch in on their special day. This is extra helpful if you don’t live together so they’re always responsible for all of their housework.

If you’re willing to do all of the work yourself, commit to doing all of the housework and cooking for the day. If it’s outside of your range, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional.

As a bonus gift, consider sending your partner on a relaxing outing. You can offer them a spa day, a day out at a private beach with friends, or even a fishing trip depending on their preferences.

They deserve to sit back and relax on their birthday!

6. A “Coupon Book”

What if you want to do special things for your partner year-round?

Again, you should always try to make your partner feel loved and happy, but you can also make a little book of “coupons” that they can use when they have specific requests.

Keep in mind that this is best as an addition to another gift, not the main gift.

Write down things that you don’t often do in a small book. You can add pictures and turn the book into a craft project. These can be things like household chores, specific dates, or anything else that isn’t common for you.

When your partner wants to “cash in” on the coupons, they remove one from the book whenever they please.

7. Something Handmade

If you don’t have a lot of money for a gift, don’t worry. Handmade gifts that come from the heart are just as valuable.

Consider your skills. If you’re an eloquent writer, why not write a love letter or a poem for your partner? You can add it to a shadow box of things that represent your relationship.

If you’re an artist, try making a painting. Portraits are sometimes too personal, but painting something that they’d use as a decoration in the home is thoughtful.

8. An Experience

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t physical objects. Instead, they’re experiences.

You can choose things that you can experience together or encourage your partner to go alone or with a friend. What kinds of experiences do you think that they’ll enjoy?

For some people, a good concert is the best gift. Others want to travel and go on vacations. Even taking a class together, like an art or cooking class, can be a great gift.

Regardless of your partner’s interests, there’s an experience out there for them.

Try These Romantic Birthday Gifts in 2021

Which one of these romantic birthday gifts suits your partner the best?

There’s a perfect gift for every person. Whether you’re a budget shopper or a big spender, you can find the best birthday gift that your partner will treasure forever.

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