Top 8 Reasons To Serve As An Aged Care Worker

As per experienced professionals in the aged care sector, the work of a support worker is much more than a paid job. And they are correct in their assumption. Working with elderly Aussies can be very rewarding, allowing you to start on a decent career path. It will provide you with a lot of future opportunities, too. The top 8 reasons that we have discussed below may give you a clear concept of why the aged care sector is now one of the most favourites among the aspirants.

●    It Is A Growing Job Industry

As per the reports by AECC Global, there will likely be the opening of about 250500 new job positions in the Healthcare and Social Assistance Sector by May next year. And, there will be demand in primarily three main occupations, namely child care, nurses, and aged care workers.

In a job market report published in 2016, position vacancies have also doubled, and within the next two decades, the aged care sector will become one of the largest employing industries.

Certificate III in Aged Care opens a wide range of job positions within the sector, from personal caregivers and personal care assistants to community workers.

●    Genuine Job Security

We had already discussed in the previous point that the aged care sector is growing. And with the number of Australian people needing some aged care looking to double by the year 2050, the demand for aged care workers will also increase accordingly.

Thus, once you qualify with an appropriate certificate course, there will be ample opportunities for you. After completing any aged care courses, you can get employed in a position within the sector quickly relative to the other industry and begin your journey to build a successful and satisfying career.

●    You Can Find A Variety Of Work That Will Suit All Sets Of Skills And Personality Styles

Do you think aged care work is only about changing bedpans and assisting people out of bed? Well, then you’ll be wrong. There is a range of job positions within the aged care sector that require a range of skill levels and personality types. You can make a career in frontline support, administration, catering, human resources, and corporate and managerial posts.

●    You Can Work In A Variety Of Work Environments

Not only a variety of positions but also a variety of work environments will be waiting for you. If you think you cannot work with older adults, you may prefer working with younger people who have cognitive disabilities or families having people who require additional support. You can choose to work in community care to provide your services and support to aged or disabled people in their home, at any residential senior care centre where you can give nursing services and support or give assistance in any community-based facility centre.

●    You Can Choose A Flexible Working Schedule

Unlike other regular jobs, aged care work will not be a 9-to-5 job. According to a report, 63% of aged care jobs are part-time, and thus it will offer you more flexibility in working hours. As you do not need to follow a strict job schedule, you can choose your work hours according to your plans and not planning according to working hours. As one can get some extra benefits of penalty rates for working in the night shifts and weekend work, the sector has become highly popular among busy carers and mothers.

●    You will get a flurry of opportunities for professional development

All types of workers are required at all levels in this industry. Many workers join this industry as support staff and can reach managerial positions with immense hard work and developmental training.

It is pretty natural in this sector to find many workers beginning their journey after completing Certificate II or Certificate III. As time passes, they get attracted so much that they opt to study a Certificate IV or Diploma course for further development.

If you want to know how to enter this industry, we recommend taking a look at the course structure of Certificate III in Individual Support (Code: CHC33015) offered at any Perth college. This introductory qualification is indeed beneficial as it can give the chance to apply for various positions like personal care worker, residential care worker, or home care assistant.

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●    You can be an essential part of a supportive and positive work environment

If you wish to build a successful career in the aged care sector, you must be equipped with specific essential skills. While recruiting, most employers search for those with a very supportive and caring nature, practical communication skills, patience to listen to someone, discretion, and sufficient physical fitness. Having a positive outlook, showing natural empathy towards the older and disabled people, and immense professionalism in their work are some of the most common qualities that you will find in most support workers.

And as this sector is filled with such friendly people, you can become life-long friends of your colleagues even after you leave the job.

●    You can make a huge difference in people’s lives

Working in this sector can be the nicest and most experience of your life. And it is perhaps the greatest advantage of doing a job in the aged care sector. Although, as a support worker, you will focus more on treating ailments and monitoring their health, there will be much more than medical assistance.

You will have the chance to interact with different people throughout the entire day, thus developing relationships and offering mental and physical support. Most often, a friendly smile or being attentive to what they are saying can do wonders. Actually, at their ages, they always look for someone to whom they can open up and confide in. If you can only share a cup of coffee and have a long conversation, it will make them happier than ever.

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