Top 5 Bitcoin Millionaires

Bitcoin is a digital currency that took the world by storm back in 2012, it has become a trending topic in many social media platforms. It is considered as the most successful cryptocurrency of all and it is the most heavily-utilized.

It was a cryptocurrency that is a part of the blockchain system which in turn has its many uses across industries including finance, banking, marketing, retail, transportation, healthcare, etc. The wonders of Bitcoin are endless, this is why it attracted the attention of curious minds, intrigued by this new system of banking.

It is no secret that many people have sparked their interest in Bitcoin and decided to reap its many benefits at link Dafabet. However, there are actually few people who have become actual millionaires in cryptocurrency, we are listing the top five of them.

Sam Bankman-Fried

The success of this crypto millionaire has been very fast, his net worth was ascended to $26.5 billion in October 2021.

He is a graduate of MIT and he built FTX, it is one of the famous crypto exchanges all over the globe. FTX has its unique offering that is not present in its competitors such as non-fungible tokens of tangible assets.

He became well-known when he donated $5 million to the presidential campaign of U.S. president Joe Biden. He is a Califronian resident and an advocate of Veganism.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss became successful when they converted the millions that they received from the lawsuit against Facebook into cryptocurrencies.

The twins amassed great wealth when they invested in cryptocurrencies and became businessmen when they founded the Gemini Crypto exchange. In November 2021, the value of the exchange became $7.1 billion.

Aside from the exchange, they are also owners of a platform to purchase and market NFTs or non-fungible tokens named Nifty Gateway.

Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert is the chief head and owner of DCG or Digital Currency Group. The aim of the company is to serve as the catalyst to the development of the financial system of the world. They believe that it can be done by utilizing Bitcoin and building companies that use blockchain technology.

Silbert seeks to expand his business across several industries like Dafabet, using DCG, they ventured into the world of media. They purchased CoinDesk, the leading news portal of Bitcoin-related information. According to Forbes, his total net worth is $1.6 billion.

Brian Armstrong

Armstrong founded Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange that is considered as the largest in North America.

After he left his position as a software engineer at Airbnb, he founded the exchange. Coinbase became successful worldwide despite some weaknesses due to its ease of accessibility and legitimacy.

According to Armstrong, he founded Coinbase with the aim to create a financial system that is accessible, has a global reach, and is innovative. According to Bloomberg, Armstrong has a total net worth of $9.69 billion.

Michael Saylor

Over the time, Bitcoin has lured many investors, although none of them can match the passion of Michael Saylor. He is the CEO of a software company called MicroStrategy Inc. The company bought Bitcoin back in August 2020 with a worth of $250 million.

He became a strong advocate of the cryptocurrency and has appeared at many interviews and public conferences about cryptocurrencies to discuss the multiple benefits of Bitcoin.

As of writing, the stock price of MicroStrategy has ascended to 337% since its acquisition of Bitcoin. According to Forbes, the total net worth of Saylor is $2.2 billion, this is due to his gamble to the cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is definitely a new type of investment, the existence of millionaires on this digital currency is a testimony that the growth of investment on this platform has a fast rate. However, there are also many other factors why these people became successful that are not in the books.


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