Top 5 Advantages Of Pursuing Certificate III In Commercial Cookery

A commercial cook is someone who blends their theoretical and practical knowledge in preparing food. In Australia, commercial cookery is one of the growing industries and doing a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery from any Perth College can be your starting point.

What can you learn from a Certificate III course in Commercial Cookery?

You can learn a lot of skills while studying the cookery courses. Some of them we list here.

1. Communication skills

Working in a hotel or restaurant will involve a lot of teamwork, so you should have excellent communication skills. In this course, you will learn how to make decisions on food preparation and gain sufficient knowledge to interpret the oral and written information about a dish. You will also become an expert to find out the operational requirements.

2. Initiative and enterprising skills

As part of your assessment, you will have to analyse the kitchen activities and operations. Therefore, you will first look at the operational methods. Then you should make a comparison between your practical observations and the theoretical standards. In the last step, you should erase all the disadvantages or limitations of all the unnecessary methods. Thus, while being a student, you will make your contributions in suggesting new ways.

3. Learning skills

You have to make good grades in your semesters. And for that, you should first research the products that a restaurant usually sells. Then, to find out the weaknesses and strengths of the organisation, you should carry out SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

4. Planning and organisation

It will also be a part of your assignment. In the first step, you will have to collect all the food preparations, and you can use the internet to make a list. The better details you can give to the list, the better will be your scores. You will then need to study a specific group that you have targeted and carefully watch the delivery service.

In addition, you will also learn problem-solving and self-management skills in this course.

What are the benefits of studying a Commercial Cookery course?

Whether you want to join a stable job as a chef or open a cafe on your own, chef training courses will benefit both. Here we discuss all the benefits that you will get from Certificate iii in commercial cookery course.

1. You can improve your culinary abilities

This course will help you significantly in improving your cooking skills. Cooking is no less than a creative art, and with the skills you will learn from this course, you can take your culinary abilities to the next level. As you will learn from a structured academic system, you will learn theoretical knowledge about food, food preparation, and how you can market your food. Along with the practical training, this academic knowledge will help you become a successful professional in your career.

2. There will be plenty of job opportunities

We had already stated that commercial cookery is a growing industry in Australia. And with more digitalisation, people are becoming increasingly occupied with their busy schedule. So, it is becoming difficult for them to make time for cooking meals. So, there is an increased demand for readymade and cooked food.
You can get employed in restaurants, resorts, fast food chains, cafes, hotels, motels, casinos, bars, banquet halls, etc. You can be offered different roles, depending on your skills and qualifications.

Generally, with a Certificate III qualification, you can become a chef, kitchen manager, or pastry maker. You can also get jobs at other regular places like office canteens, hospital canteens, etc.

3. You can set up your own kitchen or cafe

If you think you are skilled and experienced enough, you can design and set up a kitchen or a cafe on your own. Here, you will be the boss and manage the operations according to your choice and thinking. You will have enough independence for experimenting with new dishes, which you might not get in a restaurant or hotel.

4. You can increase your love for food

The essential prerequisite to become a cook is to have immense love for food. In an academic course, you will get to know various interesting facts about food. It will only increase your passion for food, which, in turn, will help you in your career.

5. Commercial cooking can help you get an Australian PR

Qualification in the Commercial Cookery courses and skills in cooking will enhance your chance to get a skilled visa. However, most visa agents advise studying to become a cook and not a chef.


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