Tips to Prevent Bunions or Keep them From Worsening

Bunions are a common foot problem when the bones at the front part of your tooth move out of position. Most of the time, people get bunions in Las Vegas due to wearing small shoes, but sometimes they may result from medical conditions such as arthritis. They are common on the big toe, but they can also form on your little toe. If you have bunions, you may have signs and symptoms such as a bump on the outer part of your big toe, soreness, swelling, and redness on your toe joint.

Although they usually are not a severe problem, bunions can be a source of discomfort. Fortunately, you can prevent them from forming or keep them from worsening. Here is how.

Avoid wearing high heels all the time

High heels make you look elegant and sophisticated. However, they exert extra pressure on your big toe and may cause bunions. If you cannot eliminate heels from your collection, consider replacing them or adding wedges and bock heels. They are good at distributing weight and therefore do not cause damage to your big toe joint. If you need to wear heels, keep the height below two inches, and if you can, limit the number of times you wear them.

Wear the right shoe size

Shoes should properly fit and not rub on your toes or cause any form of uneven pressure. Wearing the right shoe size can help prevent bunions from developing and avoid the progression of symptoms such as pain, swelling, and redness. Whenever you make a shoe purchase, comfort should be the top factor on your list. Shoes should fit well immediately you try them on. You do not have to wear them for some time before they become comfortable. If a shoe is uncomfortable from the beginning, it might not be the ideal fit even later. Ensure your shoes have a broad toe box that allows your toes to spread evenly without rubbing on each other. If you have bunions, you may need to break from pointy shoes since they can worsen your problem. Arch support is also essential since it evenly distributes pressure across your feet. Most shoes have built-in support, but sometimes you may need to add one for comfort.

Try out bunion exercises

Exercising your feet will help build strength and develop flexibility which can improve the movement of the big toe. For example, you can place several items on the floor using your toes to pick them up and drop them in a container while seated on a chair. You can also place a towel on the floor and curl your toes around it, repeating the same for five minutes. Using a can, you can roll your feet over it for two to three minutes.


Like other parts of the body, your feet need to rest. They get plenty of use during the day – from walking around to playing sports. Whenever you can, take off your shoes and relax your feet to ease the tension and pressure. You can do this for a few minutes every day to give your toes a breather.

Practicing the above can go a long way towards keeping your feet in the best state. If your bunions are painful, book a session with your doctor at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center.


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