Tips to Enhance WiFi Connectivity While Working From Home

Considering the ‘lockdown’, you might have adjusted to working from home. While you might be fine relaxing at home, your WiFi network might not be. What I mean to say is, if you have been experiencing WiFi connectivity issues, there’s a good chance that the culprit is your home environment. 

So, the question arises – what to do about it? Well, nothing much. Simply walk through the points given in this article and learn how to enhance your WiFi connectivity while working from home. 

How to Enhance the WiFi Connectivity While Working From Home?

  • Tighten the Cable Connections

If you want to connect to Netgear_ext without facing any issues, start by checking the hardware of your WiFi device. If even by one percent, the hardware of your extender is faulty, fix it immediately. To do so, mentioned below are the points that you need to consider:

  • The wall socket that you are using should be free of damages.  
  • The power cable connecting your Netgear extender to the wall socket shouldn’t be worn out.  
  • If you’ve connected your extender and router wirelessly, use an Ethernet cable to connect them instead. Doing so will ensure that the WiFi connection between your devices remains strong. 
  • Make sure that all you cable connections (Power cable as well as Ethernet cable) are finger-tight. Loose cable connections won’t take you anywhere. They’ll only cause unwanted technical issues. 


  • Relocate Your Netgear Extender

Another thing that you can in order to enhance your WiFi connectivity is to change the location of your extender. If possible, try to place your Netgear WiFi range extender in the central location of your home. In this way, the WiFi signals of your device can spread throughout your house. 

While relocating your Netgear extender, also take care of the following points:

  • Place your extender in a clean and well-ventilated area.  
  • Your extender should be placed far away from walls and corners. Otherwise, you’ll face internet issues that’ll stop you from visiting and accessing the settings of your device.  
  • Do not surround your WiFi extender with devices like cordless phones, washing machines, treadmills, microwave ovens, baby monitors, televisions, and much more.  
  • Also, place your device away from mirrors, fish tanks, and other reflexive surfaces.


  • Switch to a Different Channel

One of the major reasons why you’re facing WiFi connectivity issues is because many users are using the same WiFi channel that you’re using. To troubleshoot this issue, it is recommended that you switch to a different channel. Switching to a different WiFi channel will enhance the WiFi connectivity as the speed of your internet will increase automatically. 

  • Upgrade the WiFi Range Extender

If you haven’t updated the firmware of your Netgear extender in a while, it’s high time that you do now! Don’t worry, upgrading your WiFi device isn’t that big of a deal. All you need to do is, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Connect your Netgear extender to the WiFi router.  
  • Open a web browser on your laptop.  
  • Access the login web page.  
  • Go to the Setting option.  
  • Select the model number of your Netgear extender.  
  • Update the firmware of your WiFi device. 

Note: If you want to update the firmware of your device through an Apple device, then access mywifiext local instead of mywifiext net. In case you get stuck at any point while trying to upgrade your device, feel free to get in touch with our highly experienced technical experts. Our experts will surely provide you with a solution to get rid of the issue that you’re facing.

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