Tips for Improving Your Domain Rating (DR)

When creating a domain for your blog or business, you want to avoid being overlooked after it’s up! There are many ways to create an engaging, successful website and have amazing ratings on your domain. As a blog owner myself, I know how difficult it can be to produce a domain, much less one that remains popular and in good ratings. If you’re new to the idea of making a website you might have several questions about what a domain is and how to improve yourself once you’ve started. Having a good domain rating will also increase your chances of ranking higher on Google which will bring in more customers. Getting a good serp tracking tool is important to monitor your website rankings.

When making a website you have to generate a domain for yourself. This is the link at the top of the page, every website has one that’s unique to their site and brand. When it comes to the website, it’s important to take note of and try to improve your DR, or your Domain Rating. A DR rates the popularity of a domain/webpage.

It’s important to keep your ratings up to bring in more customers, and more business for yourself. There are several ways to ensure that your website has a positive domain rating. Some of the easiest include; fresh and consistent content creation, updating your site to have relevant opinions and beliefs, while making sure to have some sort of call to action on the page. As a website owner, a call to action can be something as simple as signing up for email notifications, or pushing for people to have some sort of notification anytime the site has updates or new posts.

One that I suggest and have done to my blog multiple times, is researching what your competitors are doing to stay up to date on their site. If you copy any ideas be sure to give credit where it’s due but allow for personal interpretation. See what’s popular with whom and add your own personal twist. You know yourself better than anybody else, ask yourself. “How can I market myself amidst the up and coming trends on today’s internet?” Remember not everybody is going to like your content but that’s ok, they don’t have to. Alternatively, if you know your sites are about to undergo another change, submit a poll for those that actively return to your site to see where you might face some criticism, and where you can be expected to see some growth in your ratings. That way, prior to any actual change you have an idea of what will happen to your ratings and can make the best decisions that way.

Today, with technology being at the tip of our fingers, it’s beyond imperative that as a website owner and builder you make your site accessible to mobile screens. That way you can post or send out the link and have people on your site in little to no time. Everyone nowadays has their heads wrapped around their phone vying for more information and on the hunt for the perfect product. Making your site mobile is the best thing possible to up your ratings and versatility.


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