Tips For Choosing And Installing A Roof Rack On Your Vehicle

Decide the type of roof rack

Cars are a brilliant piece of innovation. They have changed the way we travel to different places over the past century. Like any other technology, they have also evolved, and the past decade has been a perfect example, representing the change. Cars comprise several constituents, parts, and accessories that improve the overall functionality and comfort of the car. A roof rack is one such accessory that goes on the top of your car and comes in handy on many occasions. 

Road Trips and traveling become lightwork because of the roof racks since it allows you to load and carry heavy luggage without a hassle. Like any other car accessory, there is a wide range of roof racks available. Thus, choosing the appropriate one for your car is crucial. So, here are some tips for choosing and installing a roof rack for your vehicle.


  • Decide the type of roof rack.

The first and foremost thing to do is deciding what type of roof rack you must install on your vehicle. One factor that can help you determine is what kind of accessories or luggage you will be carrying. For instance, if you are going to carry lightweight luggage and small camping items, a cargo box would be an ideal choice. Similarly, if you are an adventure enthusiast and love taking your canoe, kayak, or bicycle on road trips, once in a while, then you must install a roof rack that can accommodate them. 

Installing a customizable roof rack meant for your requirements is the smartest thing to do. That way, you can rest assured about carrying all your luggage and sports gear on your adventure trips.


  • Find out the maximum weight capacity of your roof.

Here’s another safety measure you must bear in mind before you even start looking for roof racks. You should find out how much weight your car’s roof can handle. You can find that information in your car’s owner manual or even online. It’s crucial because roof racks also have maximum weight capacity and accessories attached. The roof must be capable of bearing the weight of the roof rails and crossbars along with the luggage.  

So, installing a roof rack without knowing the maximum weight capacity of the roof may result in overloading, which may be a cause for concern. The maximum weight capacity of cars and trucks with a sunroof is much lesser than those without it. So, always ensure to know the weight capacity before you start your search for the roof racks.

  • Weight and strength of the roof rack

The next factor to look for in an ideal roof rack is its weight. You may have a perception that the heavier the roof rack, the stronger it is. Thus, you may opt for the heaviest of all. Bulky and heavy don’t mean sturdy and comfortable. You may need to uninstall and reinstall a roof rack in some situations, and doing so with a heavy roof rack is not easy. 

So, the best thing is to look for a roof rack that strikes the perfect balance between its weight and strength. Moreover, heavier roof racks also add up the additional weight on the roof, reducing the maximum weight capacity for your cargo and other accessories up top. But you must also ensure that the roof rack can handle the required weight of all your luggage.


  • Calculate the overall weight of the heaviest items in your cargo

Another mistake many people make is not assessing the actual weight they will be loading on the roof racks. Yes, estimating the exact cargo weight before trips may not be possible, but you can get an estimate by adding the weight of all the heaviest items in your cargo. For instance, if you wish to accommodate a bicycle and cargo along with you, then it’s safe to purchase a roof rack that can handle the desired weight. 

Doing so is crucial because the last thing you’d want to do is compromise and leave your favorite stuff home or place the luggage in the car’s interior, which may be both uncomfortable and hazardous. Having any unstrained luggage in the seats may injure the passengers inside during sudden movement and braking of the car.

  • Always choose metal roof racks.

The material of the roof rack also plays a crucial role in its functionality and durability. Some brands and manufacturers may make some parts of the roof racks from plastic. It’s always better to stay away from such accessories. They are hazardous and a waste of money. Breaking chances of such plastic parts are high compared to metals. Also, external climatic factors like sun and rain can damage and break the plastic roof racks. 

As a result, always ensure to use metal roof racks only. That way, you can rest assured about its durability, weight capacity, and longevity. Metal roof racks and accessories may be more expensive than plastic ones, but they are worth the investment.


Final Thoughts

You must understand that roof racks and their accessories are not a one-time fix for your car. You may need to uninstall and reinstall them multiple times for parking spaces and other reasons. So, pick one that is easy to install and sturdy enough to handle the weight. You can also analyze the quality of the roof rack through other customers’ reviews and ratings online.


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