Three Expert-Approved Procedures to Improve Your Smile

The value of your smile goes a long way in inducing positivity in your life and the life of those around you. Some teeth conditions like chipped or broken teeth, discolored teeth, and cavities can, however, tamper with how you smile. With the advancement in medicine, it is easy for you to improve your quality of smile through cosmetic dental procedures that are safe and offer long-lasting benefits. Such cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, dental crowns, cosmetic veneers, dental fillings, and orthodontics. However, as you consider these procedures, you must ensure that you have them done at exceptional facilities with outstanding and qualified professionals like Scott Young, DDS in Woodlands, Texas. Let’s have a detailed view of some of these cosmetic dental procedures.

  • Teeth Whitening

At times, the products you consume, age, and some medications can cause a staining effect on your teeth. These stains then attach deep into your teeth such that brushing and other domestic methods cannot remove them. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest methods of improving your smile as it involves less hustle and is pocket-friendly. The procedure is painless, safe, and guarantees you utmost gratification. However, you may experience some sensitivity in your teeth and gums for a short period.

  •  Dental Crowns

A dental crown defines a tooth cover with the shape of your tooth used to restore the appearance of a damaged tooth, protect and strengthen it. The ceramic used to make these crowns emulate the translucency of your natural enamel and hence cannot be distinguished from your usual teeth. Crowning mostly happens in two stages. In the first stage, the specialist assesses the tooth’s condition. He then reshapes the tooth by either filing it or building it up to ensure that the crown will fit perfectly. This process is usually done under local anesthesia. The specialist will then measure your tooth and initiate the process of customizing a crown for you. In the meantime, he will attach a provisional crown that will protect your tooth as he makes the permanent crown. The last stage involves the removal of the provisional crown and the attachment of the newly customized permanent crown.

  • Dental filling

When bacteria is trapped in teeth for long, it can cause the formation of cavities which can, in turn, lead to complications. Dental fillings are materials introduced in the cavities as a replacement for the parts lost during decay. These filling materials used include porcelain, titanium, gold, composite, and metal amalgam. However, many people opt for either composite or porcelain fillings because of their effectiveness, strength, ability to mimic the natural teeth, and ease of the pocket. Composite fillings are introduced in paste form then, after filling the affected region, they are hardened using a special chemical. Porcelain fillings are mimic dental crowns where the doctor takes an impression of your tooth and makes you a filling that fits the affected area.

Improving your smile is no longer an uphill task but a matter of decision. Do not let dental issues get in your way of having a better quality of life and infecting others with positivity. Cast your dental worries to the best specialists and brighten your life with a sharper, healthier smile.


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