The Underwear Satisfaction

Clothing is sometimes referred to as a humans’ secondary coat aside from the skin, a type of outward representation of your identity. Although many individuals claim to be uninterested in fashion, everyone wears clothing, be it luxurious clothes, cheap undergarments, bikinis, g-string underwear and the likes. And whether you prefer it or not, what you wear communicates to others with whom you engage.

People wear clothing to protect themselves from the weather, keep their pursuits safe, or express who and what they are. While social relations are focused on an outer environment of shared values and accustomed behaviour, self-identity is focused on how we perceive ourselves. As ‘technologies of the self,’ Foucault-1988 outlined how practices and tools produce a feeling of ‘self.’

The intellectual thought about underwear

Underwears are the technology of ones’ most inner character, whereas clothes are a technology of oneself. Yet, information on the bond between psychology and undergarments is limited despite the rising interest in fashion psychology and body image studies.

Some studies revealed that women devote a significant amount of time choosing, purchasing, and wearing certain underwear for various events and that undergarments may be a symbol of “who I truly am.” However, the time and money invested in undergarments may not always be enjoyable.

Advertising campaigns for underwear typically include photos of sexy models with young and toned bodies, and when a person couldn’t even level up to something like that, their ego and self-confidence may silently suffer.

The confidence in wearing undies

Generally speaking, you will see that the emphasis you place on your underwear changes throughout time, yet you still have to continue wearing it. And every time people wish to entice a desirable partner, they will wear underwear that they find more alluring, which helps them feel sexy. But, unfortunately, people tend to forget that underwear must first serve its use before considering how you may look when you wear one. So, whether you wear an old panty or newly purchased g-string underwear, keep in mind that the benefit and comfort of using it must take priority.

The struggle when you can not wear which fashion you like

The clothing industry is persistent in pushing women, and now men, to have a beautiful figure that is lean and healthy. To achieve that healthy appearance, women may be forced to wear uncomfortable undergarments that restrict and distort their figures to conform to fashion trends. The urge to comply in this way is troublesome for many people, mostly women.  

Furthermore, it may sound as difficult to others, but it also has a positive note on the other side. Women will now have the realization about healthy living and self-love and care. Many will be encouraged to pursue their fitness goals while having the time to enjoy shopping for different kinds of undergarments that will fit their needs.

On the other hand, innovation enables designers to create stylish, practical, and useful underwear for people with specific physical demands.

No matter how you may want to perceive wearing underwear. Be it a fashion statement, expressing yourself or just simply getting its purpose. What’s important is that you know what and when to wear a specific type of undies. Always contemplate being comfortable with your appearance.

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