The Treatment Options Available for Arthritis

Did you know that untreated arthritis can cause permanent deformity by stiffening the affected joints resulting in permanent damage? The answer is yes because if arthritis is not diagnosed and treated early or left untreated, it causes irreversible damage to the affected joints. That is why you are advised to seek immediate medical attention when you begin experiencing joint pain, swelling, and reduced range of motion. Doing so provides symptomatic relief and prevents complications such as stiffening of joints. Suppose you suspect to be experiencing arthritic symptoms, Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center is your go-to spot for diagnosis and treatment. Discussed below are a few treatment options available for arthritis.

  • Medications


Usually, corticosteroid medications are given to help reduce pain and inflammation and slow joint damage. They can be given as a pill or injection directly into the affected joint.


NSAID drugs are also given to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. They are available in tablets, gels, or creams, which should be rubbed on the affected joints.

Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs

They are given to reduce the rate of progression of rheumatoid arthritis, thus saving the joint and surrounding tissues from permanent damage.


Some ointments and creams contain capsaicin or menthol, which makes hot pepper spicy. Therefore, rubbing these preparations on the skin covering the affected joint interferes with transmitting pain signals from that particular joint.

  • Therapy

In some types of arthritis, physical therapy can be of benefit. Exercises help strengthen the surrounding muscles and improve the range of motion of the affected joint. At times, braces or splints may be recommended.

  • Surgery

Surgery is a method of treatment used when other conservative treatment options are no longer effective. The types of surgeries performed on an arthritic joint include joint replacement, which aims to eliminate the damaged parts of the joint and replace them with artificial parts. Joint repair and joint fusion are also available.

  • Lifestyle and home remedies

Exercise and weight loss are some lifestyle medications that can help deal with arthritis. Usually, excess weight exerts stress on weight-bearing joints. Therefore, losing excess weight increases your mobility and prevents joint injury. Exercise, on the other hand, helps keep your joints flexible. Some home remedies that can help are assistive devices like walkers and hot and cold compression. Ice packs and hot pads help alleviate arthritic pain, while assistive devices improve your ability to perform tasks and protect your joints.

  • Alternative medication

Most people use alternative treatments even though there is little reliable evidence to support using different alternative medications. Examples of commonly used alternative remedies include massage, acupuncture, fish oil, glucosamine, yoga and tai chi, and chondroitin. Of importance to check is to ensure that any alternative medication you are using is safe and does not interact with other forms of arthritis treatments you are receiving.

Are your arthritic symptoms preventing you from performing your daily chores as you used to? If so, seeking and utilizing various treatment options is essential for symptomatic relief. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about the various treatment options available, call Rocky Mountain & Ankle Center today and inquire about the benefits of each treatment method.


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